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What system gets more converts/intrest

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Prefolds, fitted. AIOs, Wool, pull, snaps?
Lately as summer in Tucson is in Full effect (okay it has since Oh December
) and I often bring DD out on simple outtings in just a CD and T shirt. Many have commented on her diapers. This includes inquaries in bathrooms while Im changing her ect.. Well suprisingly I've found the most intrest and "makebe I should try CD" comments come when I have her in her plain prefolds or simple flannel velcro diapers. I actually get the least support with the AIOs,(Fuzzi bunz, kushies) especially if the inquire about price.
I think for many prefolds are what they know kinda a comfort zone. They LOVE LOVE the snappi
and the think my ME covers have a smart desin with the "snaps on the side". The velcro fitted (tiny tots) intrest a lot because they think its neat a CD can work like a DD. Its so simple. However when I have her out in a AIO I get comments like I would but its too expensive, or my "friend" used those and had problems ect.. SO I was wondering what system gets the most questions for you'll?

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I got plenty of questions about my snap-front fitteds, but that's probably more because they're made of denim than any other reason. But the recycled sweater soakers are a real question-attractor
Most folks don't know the first thing about wool, so it's a good chance to tell them a bit about how it works, AND have an inexpensive example to show.
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For me, I have found the most interest from others when I have them in Fuzzi Bunz. They do cringe at the start-up price, but have all seemed to think it is worth it. I have one convert under my belt using FB full time, and possibly another about to.
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Definitely Aplix-close AIOs. People like the ease, cuteness, etc. Especially like Angel Wraps.
I don't get much response from show off diapers other than "how much does a diaper like that cost?" Kind of defeats the I save my cute diapers for at home where I can enjoy looking at 'em w/o people thinking I'm crazy...

When I do get questions from people who know that I CD, they are mostly interested in CHEAP and easy to use.

So I usually reccomend trifolded prefolds (specifically infant prefolds with a trifolded microfiber towel insde to add enough absorbancy for a toddler) and covers that people can buy locally (diaperwraps). This makes a really trim combo and people can use the same diapers from birth to PT so that they only have to buy covers. I find that people are more comfortable with trifolding and aplix wraps than with anything more complicated.
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You know I have never gotten asked about price
. And I never thought to tell them. Opps

I get asked most about diapers when I am buying fabric. I have had lots of people ask me what I am making and when I tell them I usually end up in a long conversation about cds. The times when it hasn't been fabric related its been about the ease. Totally blows their mind that it takes me the same amount of time to change a snappied pfs as it does for them to change a paper diaper.

Lots of time if one of my ds' is in an aio people can't tell its a diaper. So I think I talk about aios less than snappied pfs and fitteds.

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I too get more interest when Sammy is in his Fuzzi Bunz. People like the idea of the fleece keeping them dry.
My 4 converts all use one size fitteds (two diff brands) and either PUL covers or nylon pull ons. They only buy AIOs for the diaper bag.

I think the cost of the cute stuff scares them, but if they really looked into it, they would see that you get a lot of it back when you resale.
My only convert so far converted when her DS was just over a year old and she uses nothing but premium ubcpf and simple inexpensive snap covers from a WAHM I met over on diaperpin.
My guess would be AIOs and Pockets, just because people don't know they exist (and how easy CDing is!)
I also have had the most interest in cloth with fuzzi bunz. When they cringe at the cost I just break it down. I've had one convert and several others interested.
AIO's. No one can believe that that is all you need. I usually get asked the "How much" question too.
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