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What taste good to you?

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I was just wondering why people seem to have such different likings for different foods. Genetics? DH was laughing at me last night because I wouldn't go to bed. I was on pins and needles, thinking about the leftover asparagus in the fridge. Finally I went and ate it and got happier. That's just one of those veggies that I can't resist. Not that I ever tried to be "healthy", I've been a veggie lover since I was a toddler. My mom eats veggies like a rabbit. To DH that's just weird. His mom rarely cooked any veggies (they ate them raw with dips) and baked treats all the time. Some of the stuff he likes are totally intolerable to me (like fudge). His mom actually warned him before we got married: No more baked treats or beef, expect lots of vegetables and fish...
I thought it's so funny. Oh, both sets of our parents are in good health, doesn't seem to matter what they eat.

I guess I'm just curious about what others think are irresistable food? Do you think what you like is genetic?
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This is a fascinating topic that interests me greatly.
Right now i can't write much, but this link might interest you:
(there is lots about smell and taste preferences and their meaning).
I'm all scandinavian and I think that that contributes to my love of dairy and especially butterfat. Cream, butter, cheese and anything made with them -- YUM! Yoghurt, too. I've heard that scandinavians have the lowest lactose intolerance on the planet and I've noticed that I feel happier when I'm eating dairy. Maybe I'm decended from some of those milk maids who used to go live the whole summer in the mountains, making cheese...
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I love just about all food. There is nothing I have tried and not liked except fish and unfamiliar tap water. Dh is the same and so is dd. She is 2.5 and will stand on her stool to watch while I cook. She MUST sample a handful of every major ingredient. Yesterday she ate raw bok choy, romaine lettuce, red and green peppers, cucumber, mayonaise, boiled tempeh, and I had to fish a raw garlic clove out of her teeth..... I cannot resist cucumbers.
I think a lot has to do with what you ate when you were young. That's what becomes comfort food! But some of it just can't be explained. I don't remember ever eating an avocado or guacamole when I was young but I LOVE avocados now.

I grew up eating spam and rice and eggs for breakfast, as my mom is from Hawaii. That is a great breakfast for me now, though I never make it myself. But when I went to Hawaii last summer I sure indulged. Dh thinks that's the weirdest thing ever.

Part of it is personality. Dh and I are adventurous when it comes to food. We'll try almost anything. I think we've passed that along to our kids. B/c we're willing to try, we find new favorites all the time. I know some people who never change what they eat. They have their familiar foods and that's it for them. I feel sorry for them!
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it definitely has to do with the culture we are raised in. that's not to say that we can't step outside of that (which i think a lot of us here on MDC have probably already done)... but our tastes are defined most in the first 3-5 years of life, and that's totally shaped by what we're exposed to.

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