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What temp is too high? (West Nile)

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My DS (4yo) has the West Nile Virus. we're going to ride it out. What temp is too high for a fever? Also, if it gets that high, what are some ideas for fever reducers?
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And we always said was the sole of the feet with cool water mixed with a little vinegar. Nothing else. Just the sole of the feet.

Fever up to 105 for 3 days max was considered safe for a child when I was growing up in Europe. It seldom goes that high or last that long. Keep the child comfortable but not overly warm. Don't make the fever come down too quickly, that can cause seizures. High fevers seldom cause them, only when the fever comes down too fast like when the child is given a cold bath or shower that can do it.
Thanks for the links. I'll definatly take any more info if folks have it!
Now I've got an idea of what to get at the store today.

We are usually the kind of family who doesn't do anything to treat illnesses, just let them ride their course. But now, I'm really wanting some immune-boosters to help Clay get through this.
Vit C, probiotics, and garlic all are great for the immune system. I hope he feels better soon!
How is your son doing? Do you mind if I ask, how did you know that it's WNV, was he tested? Would you mind describing the initial symptoms? I see that you're in Southern Colorado, we're in New Mexico and I admit I have been worried about exposure of my little girl to WNV. I'm hoping that all is well with your little guy.
I don't mind at all, I wish I had been more informed going into it. He had a REALLY bad headache (I mean, like, hitting his head a screaming) on Monday night. It just wouldn't go away, so I broke down and gave him Children's Motrin. He then fell asleep for 3 hours. Since then, (today's Friday) he's been sleeping or half-asleep most of the day. His temperature has been fluctuating between 99 - 103. A normal Flu would have only lasted a day or maybe 2, but since it was lasting longer, I thought it might be WNV, since he had recently gotten his first batch of mosquito bites, or maybe heat exhaustion. So I called our family doc. She said heat ex. doesn't last that long and it had the exact symptoms of WNV (which are: prolonged flu-like symptoms, W/O nausea/vomiting, headaches, tiredness, body aches, sometimes swollen or rash around the initial bite - DS didn't have that part). She thought I should go ahead and take him to the ER to get blood testing done, b/c they can't do blood work at the family practices, just to make sure that's what it was. So I considered it, and called the ER, to find out the cost of doing it. She said it would be upwards of $500. *gasp*! So I talked with the ER nurse for about a half hour and also the CO Virus Hotline for 1/2 hour. They both pretty much said that there's nothing the hospital can really do if he has it, except just monitor him (which I would be paying for). The ER woman was definatly urging me to bring him in, while the Virus Hotline guy was giving me actual facts as to where I should draw the line and warrent taking him in. He said just to watch the symptoms for things that are more serious or abnormal (ie, tremors, seizures, fever at 106 or higher, or at 105 for a long time, vomitting), pretty much things you would worry about if your child had the common flu.
So we are just keeping him home, letting him sleep, trying to get lots of fluids, salty liquids, & electrolytes into him. He's on day 4 now and I've heard it typically lasts through 5 days. So hopefully, we're coming near the end.

It's wild how that teeny little insect can have such a huge impact on a body, but I think I'll start being more diligent about putting on bug spray, though I'm not going to start using DEET. Fortunatly, our house doesn't have mosquitos, he got those bites in town.

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I've heard that there are some homeopathics that work really well with West Nile. Not sure what they are but if you were interested, you could call a homeopathist.
He's actually on the uphill today. This is his 4th day. He's been up and playing for 2 hours now. Not rough stuff, just playing with gnomes, and dolls. I'm waiting for him to collapse anytime now!
The only remedy we've done is arnica. Just for the sore/achy body and head aches. It worked well, though.
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