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I'm having conversations with each my children several times a day that go just like this (about a range of subjects.)<br><br>
"You need to take a bath. Now is a good time."<br>
"Well then lets plan the evening, because I personally can't think when else you can get it done."<br>
"<i>I don't ever want to</i>."<br>
"Look, you have an art class tonight. Go get your bath out of the way so that we don't end up being late."<br>
"<i>Okay. But I don't think I should have to</i>!"<br>
Ds goes upstairs and its quiet for about 5 minutes while he is distracted by something in his room. Moments later, he calls down the steps, in a totally sweet voice:<br>
"<i>Hey mom! Do you think I could have a bath now?"</i><br><br>
ARGH! Not the arguments -- I am accustomed to the arguments. But the breaks with reality..... I mean, did I not just send you up for a bath, kid??? I mean, I sort of get it with my 3.5 year old. He's kind of reaching that "spacey" preschool age. But whats with both of them getting like this all of the sudden? Is it a conspiracy???

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You mean all 3.5 year olds are like that? Mine has similar "space cadet" moments and it's driving me crazy too.<br><br>
With mine it's indecision.<br>
"What would you like on your sandwich?"<br>
"Peanut butter and raspberry jam."<br>
Ok, I make that sandwich, with him standing there watching me! I even cut to his specifications.<br>
Then suddenly, on the way to the table, it's:<br>
"Mom, I didn't want peanut butter!!! AAAAAAAAA!!"<br><br>
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