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What the heck! How did this happen?

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All of a sudden my precious AIO's are wicking....horribly wicking. How did this happen
: One day they were fine, the next day, we're soaked with pee after 30 min??? Did i do something or do they all do this after a while? I have that waterproofing spray stuff, should i use it?

If i do use it (i know, i know, this is stupid...) which side am i spraying?
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Are the inners of your AIO's fleece?
They could be repelling...maybe try stripping them.

If you use the spray, you need to spray the outside.
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I've tried stripping but my problem is my machine wont wash on hot. I've added hot water to the machine, soaked them in hot in the tub, added calgon to the wash, and washed and washed and washed.....but they still stink like crazy when she pees in them
: That's not even as bad as them leaking EVERYWHERE!!
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What about turning your hot water heater all the way up just for one wash?

If they are pockets you can easily do a hand wash.
CPF's and non-snapped diapers can be boiled.
If using the atsko put it on the outside of the diaper.
Could your child be peeing more which is helping the problem?
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