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What the heck?

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What the heck kind of auction is this?
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Hmm I never asked for any Fuzzi Buns....
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What if someone named Karen doesn't win it? :LOL
Someone email the seller and ask if you can bid even tho your name is not Karen :LOL
seriously is that how much they cost? 88 dollars for A DIAPER???? that cant be correct. tell me ladies is that right? did people pay that much for fuzzi bunz diapers? seriously someone tell me. please.
really is that how much they usually cost or is this person crazy?
That's just, they revised the "buy it now" price. Where they trying to get more for The Fuzzi Bunz someone asked for? :LOL
I know that sometimes if someone is selling something on a trading board (think TP) but the buyer is a bit nervous and wants the protection that ebay offers you can do a private auction and send them the link and they can buy it that way....but like I said it is usually a private auction LMAO!!

maybe "karen" is buying some fuzzi bunz from this seller and she listed them on ebay for her to BIN so they could leave eachother feedback and have a "secure" transaction?
I'm guessing the seller wanted an easy way to show Karen their new FB and somehow thought eBay would be the way to show it off. And since nobody in their right mind would pay that for a diaper, they didn't have to worry about it getting bought. Now, the funny thing to do here would be to buy it, just to freak Karen and the seller out! If only I had gobs and gobs of money, I could really MESS with people!!

Sorry... feeling a bit wicked this eve!

How very VERY bizarre! So, you can do THAT on e-bay, but not hold charity auctions? Sheesh.
I believe that there is more than one diaper involved, LOL, notice how she says "here ARE you fuzzi bunz" instead of "here IS your fuzzi bunz"

She is probably buying $88 worth of fuzzi bunz
so yes thia person is crazy i thought it must be a mistake who in thier right mind would try to sell let alone pay 88 DOLLARS for a diaper. i cant get over that. i dont think i paid 88 dollars total for my sons diapers.
that will be one heck of an ebay fee
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