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Hello all! I am oficially surprised, for a THIRD time, and find myself pregnant!!! My 1st was a c-section, my 2nd was a hospital/epidural/induced VBAC and I would like to now have the birth I have always wanted. Midwife attended and in a place other than a hospital (in this case a birthing center). My 1st appt. with a midwife is this Thursday and I am curious as to what I can expect (how diff will it be from your traditional DR visit?) and are there anythings that are very important to ask, etc...

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you probably know this, but remember that all midwives are not Ina May Gaskin (sort of the archetype midwife in my mind)
there are midwives that are very medical and maybe not that different from an ob. If your midwife is affiliated with a hospital, she will probably be significantly different from a lay homebirth midwife.

that said, what I'd expect of a midwife during my firist visit--a very personal interaction, around an hour-maybe more. History taken, but not just physical, probably somewhat emotional. I'd expect to sit on a couch or comfortable chair and have her sit on an equal level with me (not across a desk). I would want to find a nurturing environment.

I'd want to know her rates of transfer, how many c-sections, how many births total, who her back up midwives or drs are, how long you can be pg before she would induce, how long you have after your water breaks before she steps in.

probably more but I've got a crying baby-

in Ina May's new book she has a list of questions for your midwife I'd check out too.

have a good visit.

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well, i'm going to my first prepregnancy (we're starting to ttc in about 2 weeks) midwife consultation tomorrow and i can share my list of questions that i've put together - i hope the formatting isn't too messed up. there are some notable omissions (like "are you certified") because they were already answered with her information packet.

how many births have you attended as the primary midwife?

How many babies do you deliver per month now?

What is your philosophy about natural childbirth?

Why did you become a midwife?

How did you receive your training?

Do you practice with a partner or assistants/apprentices? When will I meet them? What happens if I don't want one of them, or prefer one of them at my birth?

Pet question: Are you comfortable around dogs?

What is your philosophy towards exercise during pregnancy?

I intend to ask some questions specific to my (mostly uneventful) medical history.

What is included in your prenatal care? Which prenatal tests do you require? Where can I get them done?

How many women do you see at prenatals daily?

How long do you give each woman? What is discussed? What is done?

How often do you do internal examinations prenatally? during labor?

What happens if two people are in labor at once?

Who is your back up doctor?

What hospital is s/he at?

Do I need to see him/her prenatally?

What situations do you consult him/her for?

What complications have you handled? How did you handle them?

How often have you have to transport to the hospital from an attempted home birth? What situations do you transport for?

If a transfer is necessary would you accompany me to the hospital and stay for the birth whether vaginal or cesarean?

Has a mother or baby died under your care? What were the circumstances?

What is your Cesearean rate? What are the most common reasons?

What is your Episiotomy rate? What are the most common reasons? What measures do you take to help avoid tearing?

How do you determine fetal distress? Do you use a doppler or a fetoscope? Why?

What emergency equipment and drugs do you bring? newborn ressuscitation equipment, oxygen, suturing materials, IVs?

Do you do suturing if that is required? How often do you need to do this?

When will you come during labor? What happens if my labor goes on for days? What happens if it's so fast you miss the birth? How often and for what reasons do you miss a birth?

What are your fees? What do they include? Does blue cross ppo usually cover them? What about pretax health spending accounts?

How do I get my lab work done? What routine prenatal tests do you require?

What happens if i go past term?

What situations should they occur, would I be too high risk for homebirth? When is this usually determined?

What type of postnatal care do you provide? Do you do a postpartum home visit? When?

Do you bring a birth attendant with you at the time of the birth? If so, who will it be and what are her qualifications and training? Do you recommend I hire a doula?

I am currently taking prescription prenatal vitamins called prenate. What do you recommend?

Any recommendations for supplements for dh?

What pharmaceutical drugs, homeopathics and/or herbs do you use prenatally and at births?

Can you please give me a good reference for foods to avoid during pregnancy?

Do you recommend that your clients take childbirth preparation classes? Which ones?
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