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What to avoid eating

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We've had a few bouts with gas and I would love to avoid that in the future. What should i avoid eating? I know broccoli, cauliflower, what else?
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When I saw your post I smiled - brought back fond and not so fond memories. Your littlest is now about 6-8 wks old? They go through a naturally gassy period starting right around 4-6 wks, lasting until about 10-12 wks. Awful, unbelievable gas in my son's case, screaming in pain, pulling his legs, yuck.

I did do an elimination diet at the suggestion of my ped, who had some sage advice. He said I could change my diet, and it might help, or I could do nothing, and most likely in a few weeks the whole thing would wane anyway. But if I changed my diet I might feel better because I would be *doing* something.

So I eliminated dairy (takes about 2-3 weeks to see any result), broccoli, cabbage, chocolate in the evening. I did find that it helped. I also gave him mylicon drops but that didn't help much.

If that doesn't work and things don't seem to get better, you can try the extreme elimination diet - pretty much drop all wheat, gluten, leavened products, cooked veggies, soy, and of course dairy. You do that for about 4 weeks, then slowly add back each food category. There's some info on elimination diets on

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Beans too. I don't drink milk very often but I do like cheese, not that I have it every day. In the early months I was able to just eliminate beans and foods from the cabbage family and not have any further problems with gas. After a few months I started reintroducing them slowly.
Ok, thanks. Madalyn was 4 weeks yesterday. It wasn't too bad. Had one bad night after I forgot and ate some broccoli. Since then it hasn't been too bad except the last few days she has been a bit fussier than normal and will sometimes have a really loud toot.
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