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I know that its kinda early, but I am so excited about my little munchkins upcoming arrival that I wanted to go ahead and start putting together the bag that I will bring to the hospital. I'm not exactly sure what I should bring since this is my first time.

Here's what's on my list so far:
an outfit for each baby to be taken home in
2 carseats
toiletries for me (shampoo, toothbrush/paste, soap, etc...)... anything I should bring for the babies?
light bathrobe
birthing ball
an outfit to go home in
hospital registration & insurance paperwork
several copies of my birthing plan
stereo & relaxation CDs

For those of you planning a hospital birth (or those that have had one), what are you going to (did you) bring? I am planning on rooming in with my babies, should I bring several outfits for the babies for during the hospital stay? Do the hospitals even allow the babies to be dressed in their own clothes after birth? Any other ideas?

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Hi! It sounds to me like you have a pretty good list. The only things I have to add/recommend are:

For you:
1) CHAPSTICK/LIP BALM - you'll be glad you have it. Hospitals are super dry.
2) Body lotion - for the same reason as the lip balm

3) Your own nightgowns - I felt 100 times better after I took that first shower and got into my own clothes. Something about a hospital Johnny just isn't comfortable. Just stick with a nightgown not PJs with pants because you won't want to deal with those (and the nurses won't either) If you're planning on BFing find some that are button up at least at the top, it makes things much easier.

For Babies:
Sounds like they are all set. The only thing I would say is DO NOT bother to bring more than one outfit for each. The hospital will provide you with the long sleeve, criss cross shirts for each (they're so cute) and they prefer to keep them in that rather than outfits. Plus, it's one less thing to back and you usually get to bring them home too. DS wore his a bunch of times after we got hom - hey free clothes are free clothes. Anyway, that's all I have for ideas. HTH!!! Like I said, it sounds like you have a good plan here.

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Here is my list based somewhat on what is recommended in my HypnoBabies course (which I LOVE!)

* Birth Preferences (2 copies)
* a few of my own clothes-- things I feel pretty and comfy in, including two nursing nightgowns and underwear I don't mind ruining
* warm comfy socks-- a few pairs (they may get icky during your birhting time!)
* "We are using Hypnobabies" sign for door (to warn people to be quiet)
* Goodies for the nurses
* hair accesories-- elastics, hair band, and hair pins (I am fussy about my hair so it's better to have everything I might need JIC)
* my favorite lip balm (Burts Bees Honey) and lotion (also Burts Bees

* healthy snacks/drinks for me and hubby (I am allowed to eat) including a couple of water bottles with filtered water since our city's water supply is fluoridated
* digital camera, cell phone, charger
* my iPod programmed only with HypnoBabies tracks and relaxing music
* aromatherapy sprays, oils, etc.
* my Hypnobabies materials
* watch with a second hand for hubby
* change of clothes and swim trunks for him (swim trunks for getting in the shower with me if necessary)
* personal toiletries for me and hubby (just necessities, we won't be there too long) and a few of my cosmetics
*four baby blankets, two soft flannel and two stretchy cotton knit for secure swaddling
* three baby outfits, booties, mittens, and caps-- it is important to me for Teddy to wear the clothing that I picked for him, instead of the ugly generic hospital clothing-- it makes him feel more MINE and less like he belongs to the hospital
* large plastic zippy bag for the placenta
* scriptures

For the Car Ride:
* keep a full tank of gas the last month or so!
* two towels for membrane leaks (to protect upholstery)
* pillows for the ride in the car (so I can relax in the car)
* infant car seat, properly installed

BTW, some of these things I keep in my purse anyway.
It's always fun to see what other people are packing!

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Sorry if I missed reading this on a list, but I loved having a pair of big fuzzy comfy slippers to trod around in...

Oh and massage tools for while you are in labor. Cloth bags filled with rice can be heated up in a microwave and are excellent for during labor and after birth too for sore muscles.

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I've had 2 hospital births and brought
*baby book
*comfy nursing nightgown
*sleepers for baby
*going home outfit for baby and myself
*baby hats
*extra clothes for DH (he stays with me so need to change!)
*preggie pops
*chap stick
* big siblign gift for older kids after teh birth
*birth plans
* blankets (2 fleecy, 1 stretchy)
*crossword puzzle books (i got bored during the first labor until it really set in)
*take out menus
Our hospital (well its' a brith center too, kind of separate form teh hospital but in teh same place if that makes sense,... no midwives though, only Dr's) allows you to put your baby in whatever you want during teh stay so we always have them wear those little night gown things or sleepers. They give us a newborn hat but Idont' care for them, so we bring our own.
THIS TIME: (in addition to what is above)
*cloth mama pads (hated those disposable ones)
*comfy slippers
*those microfleece socks
*my own lotion (forgot this last time)
*gingerale or seltzer ( i hate hte hospital brand and Ilike teh carbonation during labor)
and probably a few more things i'm forgetting but i have time

ETA: I totally forgot diapers.... We're using cloth so I gotta pack those too.. it's my goal to never have a sposie touch his little bum!!

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Last time I took way too much stuff, so here is my pared down list:

Hairbrush and Ties
Baby book (for footprints and to write in while I'm in the hospital)
Boppy Pillow
Nursing PJs
Comfy Bra
Coming home outfit for me and for baby
Infant Carseat

Last time the hospital provided clothes for the baby to wear while she was there, diapers, wipes, petroleum jelly, alcohol wipes, huge mesh undies and pads, a toothbrush, trial sized toothpaste, mouthwash, lotion, shampoo, conditioner and soap. I won't take those things this time.

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I second bringing your own jammies--make you feel more comfy. 2 things I'll be taking this time are baby nail clippers and my own pads--I prefer the ultra thin ones, and that is NOT what they have in the hospital! Happy packing!

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Originally Posted by mamasthree
I second bringing your own jammies--make you feel more comfy. 2 things I'll be taking this time are baby nail clippers and my own pads--I prefer the ultra thin ones, and that is NOT what they have in the hospital! Happy packing!
Do you find that the ultra thin are absorbant enough for lochia?

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I would add:

-your own gatorade/recharge, easy to digest favorite snacks for labor (even if you aren't allowed to eat, bring them, don't tell anyone you have them, and if you feel like eating, have hubby or friends sneak bites to you when the nurses are out)

-GU (it's like a liquid power bar, really good for a quick pick me up if you have "hit the wall" and need some quick energy, and it doesn't make you nauseous, it's for runners, athletes, anyone know what I am talking about here?)

-your own baby wipes (the ones at the hospitals here suck! They are dry and you have to wet them and they are just funky)

-one other idea is a newborn picture of you and one of the baby's dad (it's really fun to compare your new babe to yourself and your hubby at the same newborn stage!)

I like the idea of bringing your own clothes for the baby to make them YOURS instead of the hospitals!

Good luck everyone!

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calling card if people are long distance calls from the hosp. i can never figure out where its ok to use the cell phone and where it isnt (bring phone numbers!)

pillows (like for the bed) i swear the pillows we had could have been slid under a closed door so i was grateful for my own

snacks; money (either for machines or if dh needs to go get anything)

i took a bed jacket kind of thing so if i was in bed and had visitors i had something more on top than just a nightgown

i was very happy to have my own breastpump there!

honestly, i took our own tp as well. dh didn't go home during the time and i'm kinda particular on that : )

camera / batteries / film (if needed)

whatever you take for jammies or shirts, make sure they are nursing friendly - long placket with buttons or specifically made for breastfeeding

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Do you find that the ultra thin are absorbant enough for lochia?
I used Always overnight ultra thin, and found that they worked fine for me...HTH--not the most pleasant aspect of childbirth, and one a lot of first time moms don't hear a lot about!

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Thanks for starting this thread. It reminded me that I need to get moving on this as I have already been admitted once! Here's what I am bringing based on what I brought/needed last time:

Snacks and bottled water for DH(and mom) -, he was starving, and had to leave at one point to get food for him and my mom. i won't be eating or drinking. I will be on 2 IV's to manage my blood sugar during labor like last time. My labor was quick, and I didn't feel hungry until after delivery anyway. They brought me food right to the delivery room.

CD player and pre-mixed CD's- very helpful to get you in the zone

My Own non-skid socks- Theirs didn't fit right

Cloth diapers and wet bag- No 'sposies for us unless in the NICU

Cloth Mama pads and old underpants for after the ice packs come off- 'nough said

Going home outfits for the Twins and Myself- Bring MATERNITY clothes for yourself! Twin Bellies will still be too big for your old stuff.

A Change of CLothes for DH

Toiletries for Myself and DH

A big sister present for DD from the twins.

I was in the hospital for 48 hours last time. I didn't wear my own clothes because I didn't care. I bled so much I would have ruined anything I brought anyway. That's what the Chux pads are for. The maternity gowns snap down for nursing, and you can put another one on backwards to act like a robe. I will be tandem nursing this time, and I am not messing with nursing wear while I try to juggle 2 babies. The pillows were fine, and I used them for nursing rather than bring my Boppy. I used the mesh underwear the first 24 hours with the disposable pad/ice pack combo and I will do that again, but not for as long. I thought the t-shirts and receiving blankets from the hospital were fine for DD. There was no question that she was MINE, and It was easier to practice infant care skills in the sidesnapping shirt/ diaper only.

I guess I will only need a small bag. Good thing, 'cause I am going to have my arms full with 2 babies!
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