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i could have written your paot and was coming here to do so!!!!!!!
so i REALLY hope mor emoms come and post advice!

i feel very torn , my day care girl is only 5 months so i have tried to do what piglet suggested adn just wear her in the sling (as my dd is almost 2 adn too big for that for the most part)

my dd has hit her and pulled at her several times every day she has been here (which has been only3 days so far, every other day this week but starting full time next week)

i feel the same way....i have stayed at home and we have made EVERY financial sacrifice for me to do so, i have taken in other childeren and done other odd jobs i could do with dd in the sling etc....

this is the only YOUNGER child i have sat with

all of mine have been at least 5 years old or older and they have been little to no problem for dd, infact usually a help to her and i !

but this job is a BUNCH of $$$$$$$$$$$$$

i here people say that they have to put their dc in day care b/c their need for $$$ is too great.

well i feel in a way, that we have made major financial sacrifices for dd's early childhood (gone into deabt a little more every month since she was born... adn this is just for basic food sheltor and used clothes..)

and that she has had everything revolve around her ideal lifestyle....everything...i have worked my butt of to make her life like that

so maybe it is time for her to understand that she needs to sacrifice for her family some too.

although one of the first thing my dd did this morning was slap me in the face.......

and it sucks that i spend so much tim enow either worrying over her sanity/stability/wellbeing
and then the other time looking at her and feeling fustration at her behavior!

how do you handle your dd when she hurts the other girl?
i feel like i am handling it all wrong
in the moment

have your explained to your dd that they are giving you $$ to take care of her adn that you NEED that $$ to live (house food car treats for dd)

of that many kids have to be away from their moms all day, and that you think that is sad, even for little girl, and that YOU are making this babysit situtation so that you can still be at home with dd and still make $$$

or that bringing this girl into your life does not mean that you love, value or need your dd any less

i know she is kind of young to understand all of this...but it might help if you watered it down, and just tried explaining

i am going to try and do this today with dd....our little baby comes again tomorrow
and then we go full time on monday

most of the day my dd seems to enjoy "helping" me take care of the baby and also we do have fun together

it is just i have noticed this situation bring out this whole other side of my dd that is very angry, violent, and alomost crazy that i have never seen before....

so any adivce on the balance act that we can do as mothers in this situation would be great!

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