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First of all, what a lucky mom to have an AP parent watch her child! When I had ds in daycare, that was my fondest wish. But now I do a care share with another crunchy mom, so it's worked out great.

The other child is 18 months, and my child is 23 months, and they have a lot of fun and get along great. But recently the 18 month old has been getting a little fussy. I think 14 months is a difficult period for them too (separation anxiety or stranger anxiety. I forget which exactly.), so it may not have been the most ideal time to start with the child care thing (though I'm not sure what would have been). But I think that it's probably a developmental thing and also an adjustment thing. I know that my ds had to go through an adjustment phase at daycare when he was there, and grew to absolutely love it. He came to appreciate the other kids (as much as toddlers can). One of his care workers gave me a great observation - toddlers don't want other kids too close, but they also don't want them too far (they interact at least in their own way), so it's a balance. Perhaps after a while your dd will find that balance. But I say, don't give up.
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