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Would it be possible for the little girl to use a potty on the floor instead of using the toliet. That way you wouldn't really need to lift her. Perhaps her mother would be willing to buy one for you. The other think I suggest is having some books in the bathroom including potty training books, so you could read while the little girl is using the potty. You might even want two copies so the little girl could read one while you and your daughter read the other.

You might want to read a book about sibiling rivalry such as "Siblings Without Rivalry"
by Adele Faber, Elaine Mazlish since what you seem to be dealing with is jealousy.

When my SIL watched my DD when she was an infant for 4 days a week. My nephew who was 5 at the time had a hard time with it. He was used to being the baby of the family and didn't appericate another baby being there. It got better but it wasn't easy.

Good Luck,

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