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I'm sure this has been addressed before, but I'm having one of those rare moments when BOTH kids are sleeping at the same time -- I know it will only last a few minutes and I don't have time to search the archives!!

Ean is 27 months old and has suddenly started hitting. Mostly he hits me and Zoe, but occasionally asks about hitting other things. For example, he'll come up to me and ask "hit the tv?", "hit the floor?", "hit the couch?". It doesn't seem to stem from agression (he's not angry when he does it) -- it's more like he's experimenting with actions and reactions. I don't usually react when he hits the floor or the couch, but I can't let him hit people or things that might hurt him or break. I *know* he's doing it to test my reaction, but I don't know how to change my reaction -- particularly when he hits me or Zoe.

He does the same thing with throwing -- he has great aim and it's often directed at Zoe's head!!!

Any suggestions for letting him know his behavior is unacceptable?
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