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What to do-DS and wet bed!

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DS (27 months) takes his penis out of his diaper during the night. The result is a very WET bed and because we co-sleep a VERY wet bed (ds is almost 40 lbs). How do I handle this-I'm tired of waking up wet and unhappy. This is the second time this week. BTW, went it wakes him up as well, and I tell him that "we don't do this-see the bed is all wet" he just smiles.
Help, please!
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a couple thoughts...

would the "right" pj's that snap/zip/whatever not allow him access?

perhaps putting a mattress (with plastic cover under sheets) on the floor and tell him he will have to sleep on the mattress if he keeps unclothing himself because you want a dry bed

I guess I'm confused with your post (because I have a girl)...does he take his whole diaper off or just move it to the side?
Hi Sarah,
Thanks for the ideas! My post was written in the middle of the night (after a wet bed) and was not very clear. He moves his diaper to the side. We have to do all cotton because of his ezcema so trying to find PJ's that snap (or for that matter-any all cotton) is tough. I've thought about putting his diaper on backwards-but i'm not sure if that would be painful/icky for him.
One of the little boys I used to babysit used to do this and it really got to be an issue! So I encouraged his parents to put him in a onesie and I pinned his pants to his onsie so he couldn't get his hands down there during nap time. It worked like a charm. He was in sposies, but you could try a modified version of this by pinning together his pajamas for now or something.

Good luck!
It is so uncomfortable to sleep in a wet bed. I can totally understand. We cosleep too. My son is 20 month old and knows how to take his diaper off. He also likes running around naked and sleeping without his diaper. We had to put a towel on top of a waterproof layer over the mattress (double protection). I try to sit him on the potty before he goes down for the night. He still nurses in the middle of the night and when he does, if he shows any sign that he is going to pee, I will put a towel over him to "catch" the pee. If he is wide awake, onto the potty he goes. He is more aware of his peeing since he started potty training. I hope this helps.
Thanks so much for the help! I'm still not sure what we will do, but Wemberly told me that has one piece cotton onsies in a toddler size. We may try that. Ugo-I went to college in St. Louis and have friends from Chesterfield! I lived in the Central West End in the City. Gosh I miss those days!
What a small world...Having children does make it seem like everything else before their arrival is a lifetime away, doesn't it
. I sure hope you will find something that works for both you and your DS.
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