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What to do for earache?

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My daughter(3) started looking tired and sick, started coughing, and within the hour is crying that her ear hurts. I looked in there, didnt see anything, so i dont think she stuck anything in there. My son did, thats why I thought that first! LOL

Anyway, what can I do for her?
My kids have never had an ear infection. I did alot when I was little, and my mom would just put warm oil in my ear. Is that still good to do?
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My DS had a cold and earache (first time for the earache) last week.

We used an herbal drop from Gaia Herbs that worked great for him & DH, who got the same earache. It is called "Ear Drops" and is a combo of Mullein flower oil, St. John's Wort oil, Garlic oil, Goldenseal root oil, Lobelia herb & seed in a base of olive oil.

So, I think some olive oil dropped in your DDs ear may help - at least a good start to try for tonight!

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I've always used slightly warmed olive oil for minor earaches as my first course of action. If that doesn't help, then I have it checked...but 8 times out of 10, it does the job in a flash.

My mom always did that with us too.

Just warm a tiny bit in a cup and dip a qtip into it and just let a few small drops fall off the qtip into the ear. Then put a part of a cotton ball just slightly in the ear and have them lay on the other ear for a bit.

Can't hurt to try that way before trying anything harsher
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I always use garlic oil. Garlic has natural antibacterial properties. I just take a clove of garlic and cut it up. Then I warm it up in a tablespoon or two of olive oil. Don't cook the garlic...just let it sort of steep. Then I put it on a small cotton ball and put it in the ear. It also works in an anti-inflamitory kind of way so the pressure in the ear is less so its less painful. It has worked every time here...none of my kids has ever been on antibiotics for an ear infection.
I do the garlic oil & Hylands earache tablets. When the baby's miserable I also give him motrin to ease the pain. That's not the most popular choice on here, but it kills me to have him crying b/c of the pain. Good luck!
We used the similisan ear drops with Haley and they seemed to work
Sometimes earaches aren't earaches at all, but are infections of the surrounding lymphnode. Also keep in mind, real earaches can become dangerous, and I am living proof of it. I had a deep earache at 15. I didn't go to the Doctor, and as a result the inner ear swelling pinched a nerve, causing Bells Palsy - which paralyzed the right side of my face for nearly a year. I still have lingering issues with it as there was some permanent - but minor - nerve damage.

I always take possible ear infections serious as a result.
i use the warm herb oil too

but i also take dd for a chiropractic adjustment

that is a very common reason for ear ache

it has been discussed here several times, you shoudl do a search if you need more info, or pm me

or google chriopractic care for kids, adn ear infection prevention is a top issue
I just want to warn you that my son had an ear infection one time that we did not catch early enough and the ear drum ruptured. Poor guy - it was very painful and could have caused hearing loss. If your child has a fever or if the ear ache persists, I would advise having a doctor look at the ear to rule out an ear infection or treat it with antibiotics if necessary.

Good luck!
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