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What to do/see in /near Blue Springs, MO?

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Hi! We'll be visiting family in Blue Springs, MO the first week of July. Anything interesting to see or do around there? We'll be flying into Kasnsas City, MO
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I think there's a post on the first page on the Kansas tribe section all about things to do in the Kansas City area... here:Kansas City thread
This whole deal with having Missouri in one tribal section and Kansas in the other is really a pain for people in the Kansas City area, because it's one big metropolitan area spanning two states. We live in Kansas, but I work in Missouri every day, and Rain attends uu church there, too... we're like 5 miles from the border, go there all the time.

What sort of things are you looking to do? Sightseeing? Shopping? Outdoors stuff?
Hey there...Blue Springs is considered a suburb of Kansas City, which makes it about 20 min. from the downtown area. Even though Blue Springs has lots to do, there's always the KC area, so that will give you much more to choose from. Blue Springs has Missouri Town 1855, which is like a living history area you can tour. They also have a nature preserve where you can drive right up to a fenced area to view buffalo and elk up close. There are two major lakes, one with a public beach and fishing area. There is a movie theater, and plenty of shopping and dining.
The kansas city area has a science city inside union station, several major art galleries, and other areas of historical and scientific interest in addition to a zoo. Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun are two amusement parks here also. There are also a few drive-in movie theaters.
You can find plenty to do if you visit the City of Kansas City web site. Hope you have a good'll find that people are pretty nice and prices are generally low...but expect it to be very hot and muggy in August!
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Thank you for all the good info! There sounds like there are lots of things to do, now I'm thinking we should have planned to stay longer!
Hi Mamas! Just thought I'd give another thanks for your advice! We're in Blue Springs (it's beautiful!!!) right now and looking forward to all the sightseeing you recommended! Take Care!
Burr Oak Woods is a nature park right in Blue Springs with lots of fun stuff to look at indoors, then outdoor paths with trees, etc. to learn about. There's also Lake Jacomo/Blue Springs lake if you don't want to go far, that's by woods chapel and 40 hiway. Independence Square has some historical value. Farmer's market is there on certain days, there are several cute little shops and places to eat, and Truman Library is just down the road. All this is right around noland and truman road in independence, about 10 mins away from Blue Springs. Drive in movies are also great if you have young BFers. The 1-70 drive in is on 40 hiway close to Sterling road, and the Twin drive in is at Kentucky and 291 (both in Independence).

Originally Posted by Dar
We live in Kansas, but I work in Missouri every day, and Rain attends uu church there, too... we're like 5 miles from the border, go there all the time.

I know this is off of what is being talked about... We go to UU!! All Souls, right? We're really new there and have missed a few weeks, but we're there!
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