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I noticed that a lot of you seem to be in the same position as me...I delivered my ds at this hospital that I am currently at. I also had 2 m/c's there (no d&c's though)....However, I have had my first appointment there just because of the history of the m/c's, but know that I am going to switch to a different midwives practice closer to my home...Also, just had a horrible time with the hospital that I was at...
Is there anything that I need to do? I want to set up an appointment almost right away so that I get as much care from this new place, and so that there is no confusion about what is going on...But do I need to bring all my past ob/gyn medical records with me? Also, my primary is not at this new place, but I need to get my thyroid checks monthly, and midwives (in the great state of Illinois) cannot write presciptions. That is just wrong, but oh I will always need to get changes in my thyroid med from my primary...and I have already had one change...
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