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What to do with baby?

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This is going to sound dumb, but what should I be doing all day with 7 week old dd? She does not really show interest in toys or books yet. And she sleeps any time I put her in the sling so
I try to limit that so she will sleep at night.
I am spending entire days planted in front of the TV and am going crazy. But she gets bored and restless with playing after 10 minutes and just wants to be held. I am not getting this......

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Hmmm. One of the most frustrating things about being a SAHM is *not* doing anything else. I think babies are wired such that they are meant to be in a sling while mom actually works! "Continum Concept" teaches that during the "in arms phase," baby is meant to observe activity, work, play and human interactions from a place of safety and security. Radical idea, huh? I found it easier with my 2nd baby -- we were all more content with baby riding along against my chest while I coordinated activities for his big brother, played games with him, cleaned my house, fixed meals, etc.... I wish there were a way for me to go to a job regularly with my children along.

I do suggest long walks everyday. The baby will enjoy it, and it will do wonders to keep you sane.

If you have transportation, you could go to the park or the mall and give her the oportunity to alternate between snoozing, napping, and observing busy people. That would be great for her!

You could research volunteer options. When my ds#2 was small enough to sling, I volunteered a few hours a week at the birth center, doing paperwork and laundry. Heh. Kind of fun for the clients to come in for prenatals and find the receptionist (me)breastfeeding at her desk!

I know it takes resources and energy, but I really think you should get out everyday! Good luck.
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sorry, having to remove all posts with personal info due to an online stalker.

Try and do things with her, sling her around and around the neighborhood, the mall. Use this time to practice BFIP. Fresh air and autumn is great for babies. When she is sleeping, start her scrapbook, catalog her baby pictures. Start your Christmas shopping. Just get out and enjoy yourself !
I recommend the book Baby Play, which is published by the Gymboree people. I was worried that this might be commercial, but it's refreshingly down-to-earth. It has many neat ideas for games and songs. Most of the games are based on body awareness or using things around the house. The book is well-organized by age-group and also includes a section for 0-3 months.

Ds also really loved the Gymini--we have the b&w activity mat. We attached a Lamaze mirror to the underside of the top, and hung toys that were came with a Lamaze portable mobile (soft cats and dogs that were easy to swat or grasp). I think that kind of floor play helped his coordination and later his ability to reach and grasp.

And definitely get out and walk around! Don't worry about her sleeping during the day in the sling. At that age, they need plenty of sleep, and infant sleep experts say that daytime sleep does not detract from nighttime sleep. In fact, if she is well-rested she will sleep better at night. Small infants can't stay awake for more than 2 hours without getting overtired.
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I agree with late-night nan, babies sleep better at night if they sleep well during the day. A nurse at the hospital told me this, and I have found it to be incredibly true. So, sling that baby and get out of the house!

Is there a group of moms you could join? Maybe you could start one. Our local hospital has an ongoing group for moms of babies < 4 months. After we got booted from the hospital (when our babies were four months old), we started meeting on our own at the park/ each other's houses. It's been a total life saver.

We don't have a tv, and I've been so glad about it since the babies were born. I know it would be so easy to just sit in front of it all day. Try to limit yourself to one or two hours of tv a day, get outside, go shopping, meet moms. . .

And before you know it your baby will be playing and interacting with you all the time!

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