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What to do with the curds?

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I just made about a quart of whey and now I have a bunch of curds -- it seems like such a good waste of protein to throw it away -- what do you all do with your curds? TIA!
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What was your method? and what did you use? milk, yogurt, etc?

Originally Posted by MamaTessa
What was your method? and what did you use? milk, yogurt, etc?
I just let the raw milk clabber on the counter.
I would try to make a "cream cheese" of sorts. Line a strainer with about four layers of cheesecloth. Then put the curds in the strainer, and let all the whey drip out. After it's all out, I gather the cheesecloth together with a rubber band, and hang it from my kitchen faucet, or from a spoon, suspending the "package" in a mason jar.

Yesterday morning, I used some cheese I had made like this for breakfast. I mixed it with some homemade strawberry jam, and put it into really thin omelettes, then rolled it up like crepes. Delish!
Let us know how it comes out. I forgot to mention that I like to salt any of the cheeses I make, even the soft ones, with celtic sea salt. It really brings out the flavor.
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