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what to eat before GTT

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With my last pregnancy I fasted before I took the 1 hour GTT. I don't think my dr told me either way (whether to fast or not) so I did. This time the dr said I don't have to fast, but I was told not to eat real sugary stuff before (of course, I didn't need to be told that). Anyway, last time when I fasted I was all messed up the rest of the day from drinking that disgusting glucola stuff on an empty stomach. This time I want to eat, but I don't want to eat something that is going to make me fail the test. For breakfast I usually have tofu, 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with butter, and a tall glass of milk. Of course, I will be cutting out the milk, as I know that there is a good deal of sugar in it. I am not sure about the toast. This is bread that I make and it doesn't have alot of sweetner in it, but of course it has carbs. I thought the bread might still be a good idea as it has a good deal of fiber in it which will help keep the sugar from going into my blood stream too fast. So, what do you think? Keep the toast or skip it? If I skip it, I guess I should replace it with some more protein, perhaps cottage cheese? Thanks for any ideas!!

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Both times, I've eaten two boiled eggs. I tried to think of something low in carbs of all kinds that would still satisfy my hunger, and that's what I came up with. Anyway, I passed just fine.
As far as passing/failing the test, there's not much you can do re diet beforehand (because a person with good glucose control will be able to handle excessive carbohydrate intake, even if they went on the all-jellybean diet for a week preceding the test, whereas a person with glucose control problems will go high), but I think that eating a good breakfast with some protein beforehand will help with the lightheadedness afterwards.

Good luck!
I do whole wheat/grain bread with protien. I think last time I used a good nut butter. I more than likely drank milk too. I don't fast because I would be too sick from drinking that nasty stuff. I told the OB last time and he didn't care.
i just took the GTT last week & was told that a protein & carb breakfast was fine & then nothing for 2 hrs before the test. what you normally eat sounds like it would be perfectly fine....
Thanks for the input. I think I will eat my normal breakfast minus the milk. Ooh, I can't wait to chug that delicious glucola

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I ate raisin bran and m&ms

I passed.
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