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What to Eat RIGHT NOW????

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After debating this question in my mind...I have decided to come to y'all!

I eat lunch alone at home everyday. We generally do NOT have leftovers and I don't have bread/sandwhich stuff.

There is tuna fish..but the cans are on teh top shelf.
: This is the meal that usually "gets" me. I hate cooking big for just me....AND, since we have not turned the A/C on and we live in NC...the heat has usually zapped my energy.

I need some quick ideas of things to eat for lunch...PLEASE!!!!

Thank you!

Mrs Bernstein
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Why didn't I think of that! I probly have 2 dozen eggs in teh fridge! EGGS! I just wish I had crackers or something to eat some eggsalad on... :-(

Any quick cracker recipes?


Mrs Bernstein
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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