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What to knit?

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I just finished the prayer shawl and the LTK apron top. I need to work on some picky pants, but I want to do something else first. So, any ideas? I need to do something for my 3 year old son, but I just don't know what. Any ideas?
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does he like pirates? see my blog there's a list there so I wouldn't forget.

Have you looked through new knits on the block? There's lots of dress up stuff for kids. Ohh a cape?

a stuffed animal? A dino? I know there was a thread earlier with a dino pattern.

hmmmm that's all I can think of for now.
Good ideas! Thanks! I'm headed to church but I'm going to check out your blog. I need to look at that book too.
i did ollie a wonderful sweater out of a chunky varigated plymouth yarn last winter. very easy sweater to knit but he adores it. they like color so much at that age! my teens wouldn't be seen dead in green and blue
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