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what to mix with Plain organic yogurt???

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What can I mix in this to make it edible
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I mix applesauce for a sugar free option for ds, or a tad bit of sugar free fruit spread. Maple syrup for myself
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Make tzatziki, YUM! Or drizzle honey, which is my desert every night!
I'll second! At three years old, DS STILL loves applesauce and plain yogurt--it's the fall-back food when nothing else works. He also discovered yogurt with crushed pineapple. I've mixed in frozen blueberries as well.

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I mix applesauce for a sugar free option for ds, or a tad bit of sugar free fruit spread. Maple syrup for myself

Ah MamaSpruce that sounds so tastey. I know mine won't get the same response but it is the truth.
Now I know it might not sound that sweet, well cause it isn't
, but i use to mix raw oats in my yogurt. I say use to because I am transitioning into vegan and have not had yogurt in a while.
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Stir in maple syrup to taste, then sprinkle frozen blueberries and some granola on top.

I wonder if some honey and a tiny bit of vanilla extract would be a good arrangement too.
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i love making smoothies with yogurt. i add all kinds of different things, depending on the mood... bananas, berries, sometimes some orange or apple juice, sometimes some protein powder for an extra boost, anykind of fruit really, but especially juicy ones like mango, pineapple, papapya... blend and enjoy. we eat them for breakfast all the time, and also put them in popsicle molds in the freezer. yummy.

when eating it out of a smoothie - fruit or fruit preserves, or sprinkled with granola are my two faves. i also use it in place of sour cream when i'm making burritos and stuff like that, or as a base for dips to eat with cut up veggies.

this reminds me, i need to make some more yogurt!
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agave nectar, frozen berries and chopped nuts. Agave nectar melts really quickly, while honey tends to chunk up.
I second the crushed pineapple.

For savory taste: try finely grated cabbage and carrot with a dash of salt.
or cubed cucumbers, tomatos and teeny bit of onions and dash of salt.
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