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What to pack for the hospital?

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With my first, I didn't. I wore my last piece of fitting maternity wear (a dress with a tie in the back) and took a change of panties. I swear, that was about it. Thinking maybe this time I would like to pack a few things.

What are YOU packing?

Oh, the hosp has birthing balls and all of that kind of stuff. They also have cd's (gonna take my ipod mini though). I am not using cloth at the hospital. Outfit for the baby (lol with my first my mom brought one for me as I hadn't packed one). The carseat is already in the car.
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With my first I packed WAYYYY too much stuff. I had a huge bag full of things, and could probably have stayed for a week (I was in hospital a total of 20 hours in the end).

This time around I am keeping it simple:
- an extra t-shirt (I plan to labour in the same t-shirt I laboured in last time - well, until it got soaked with amniotic fluid, after that I was nude)
- an extra pair of trousers
- a few extra knickers, some maternity pads (but not the 30 I took last time!
- at least one outfit for the baby plus a few nappies
- a couple of magazines
- house-shoes (hospital expects it here)
- shampoo, hairbrush, deodorant...

I'm still debating whether to bring my one and only nightgown for 'covering up' purposes. It has only been worn one night - last time after ds's birth. Or I might just say 'sod it' and wear my usual outfit of a t-shirt.

Last time around I brought my labour tapes, but the hospital turned out to have only a radio. This time I plan to bring CDs - there is a CD player but no tape recorder. I might bring my walkman so I can still listen to my labour tapes (they have all my favourite music). Birthing balls etc. are all available at the hospital, so I won't need to bring any equipment - except for the TNS machine I plan to hire.

We live a 15 minute WALK away from the hospital (5 minutes by bus), so even though we don't have a car, dh will be able to pop home after the birth and get more stuff if necessary.
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Nordicmamma sort named it all for me but in addition I shall be taking my essential oils, homeopathic bits for labour etc, breast pads, bach rescue remedy - think that's about it really. I'm sure I'll forget something - all dh has to do is get a car - we don't have a car but the bus trip is at least an hour so we're hiring a car from the time I go into labour and pray that my waters don't turn into the downpour that they did the last time!!! :LOL
My backpack is all packed with a nursing gown, pair of panties, t-shirt & shorts for me, two CDs, two movies (they have VHS & DVD in the rooms), a gown for baby, socks for baby and our digital camera. I'm also going to drop my toothbrush, deoderant, soap & shampoo in on the way out the door. DH will bring Liam's gifts to the older kids later. Missouri has a 48 hour stay for vaginal delivery and 4-5 days for c-section AFTER I'll be there for a bit.
A CAMERA! Duh, can't believe I was forgetting that one.
we just bought the new camera because I was getting unduely upset that our documentation of the birth might be blurry!

Originally Posted by leosmama20
A CAMERA! Duh, can't believe I was forgetting that one.
I'm expecting my dh to remember that one!

- breast pads - thanks for reminding me! Although last time I didn't start leaking until my milk 'came in' 4 days later.
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I'll throw in: lanolin cream for my breasts - another mama said this was a lifesaver as her milk didn't come in until after she left the hospital and her nips were really irritated, and how in the world am I going to find clothes that fit
- I need to go out and buy a big t-shirt or some such to labor in....I've "outgrown" everything else!
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You know, I was just wondering this...

Last time I brought a ton of stuff - but only used the CDs , my Bed Buddy heating pad, and makeup/toiletries. I think I stayed in the hospital gown the whole time as I was comfy and bleeding a lot. I'll probably still bring a nicer gown that my mom had gotten me, but don't really like it much. It's very ultra-feminine and not my style, but it's nursing, and light. A change of clothes to come home in, an outfit for the babe.

I will bring a birthing ball (ugh). And this hosp doesn't have a CD player (although they have plasma tv's!) so we might bring the boom box, or just download stuff onto the iPod.

The last hospital provided these groovy netted undies that wouldn't get bloody, and would keep the pads in place. Do they all??
Yeah, I guess I should take a tour and find out what exactly they provide. Before they provided lanolin and lots of pads and ice packs (I had 3rd degree tears and was in the hospital for 3 days).

Originally Posted by Pom
The last hospital provided these groovy netted undies that wouldn't get bloody, and would keep the pads in place. Do they all??
Not here they don't! But I've got plenty of tatty old pregnancy knickers from last time that I plan to use again.

I think I may need to check my hospital again and ask whether they really do have a birthing ball. I started bouncing on the one we have here at home and it really is very comfy, especially considering my back problems. But I am not sure I want to drag it to the hospital with me (we don't own a car).
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