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what to pack what to cook???????

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hey I was reading a post about the pre baby to do lists and was wondering what you are all packing for the hospital births and any suggestions for packing for my 2 year old who is staying with me through the labor and the days after...and about freezing foods we are vegetarians....any suggestions on what are your faves to cook and freeze????
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Hey! My dd is a Lilly too!
I freeze tofu lasagna, stews, rice/bean/veggie stirfrys- basically I will cook double and freeze 1/2. It works out OK. Plus dh is actually a good cook, and theres always veggie burgers, grilled cheese, and pasta with sauce in a lazy moment! (umm, we have these moments often some weeks)
I'm glad you posted this peaceful I'm a veggie too.
I'm freezing soups, beans, chili, stuffed shells, mac & cheese, and cookies that are ready to bake. I pretty much am making double of any recipe that I think will hold up well. We eat half for dinner and freeze the rest. It makes it so it's not that much more work. I will have to add a little to these meals but the hard part is over with. I plan on having 1-2 weeks of meals put up and some goodies ready also. Also sandwiches, pasta and the like are easy dinners. We are also veggie so it is hard to find recipes that will hold up well to freezing but it is easy to find quick cooking meals that don't require much work.
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