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Well, I decided I would start packing a bag. I know it is early but I already had a few things aside that I did not want to get lost. I am a self paying so I have a few things I bring so I do not get charged crazy $ for them at the hospital.

In the bag so far that I had: Pads, Baby's Diapers, Girl Outfit (still do not have Boy one), Irri-Bottle, Net Undies

What things are you planning to bring?

Still to pack are CDs, shower kit, Crocs, coming home outfit, slipper socks, pilates ball w/pump (6' tall so I have the BIG one since most hospitals only have the size smaller), hand lotion, pain relief, pills (prenatals and a few other things I take)

Smiles, LM

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This is my list, about half of which I packed this week:

Pack beforehand:

1. Camera
2. small jar of coconut oil
3. baby clothes
4. Nursing bras
5. nursing pads
6. comfy clothes
7. shirts for baby
8. 4 receiving blankets
9. baby hats
10. booties
11. Brown Robe
12. Lansinoh
13. CDs
14. snacks
15. a few cloth diapers
16. RRL tea bags
17. couple tank tops
18. mints
19. baby mittens
20. headband
21. emergen-C packets
22. Directions and map to our apartment

Pack last minute:

1. laborade
2. Clothes for Ryan
3. Cell phone chargers
4. toiletries
5. some makeup
6. pillows
7. slippers

I still need to figure out what kind of snacks I want to take. The birth center has some food and provides breakfast after the birth. I need to think of energizing easy snacks.

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I'm packing 2 rice socks, the lady who taught my birth class said they were amazing! and now I want on

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Originally Posted by kriket View Post
I'm packing 2 rice socks, the lady who taught my birth class said they were amazing! and now I want on

Ours talked about those too. Did you just make your own or buy them somewhere?

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Now that I have been in the hospital I feel I can help with this one....

Pillow!!! One for you and one for DP. - Pillow cases you don't mind getting stuff on.
Bag for DP- swim shorts, pjs, bedding for him, change clothes, book or entertainment .... lots of waiting sometimes ect... extra snacks for the support team it can go on for a long time even though I hope it doesn't for all you ladies.
Slippers that are easy to put on and not to hot... for mom and DP

I would pack it now you never know when they will come. Better early then getting caught with your pants down (like I did)
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