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For me, most of these questions come from non-parents at work. There's one other mom in my office and she's fairly AP. We usually say something about spanking not really working. Same with CIO.

We all have interesting discussions about the nanny shows, noticing how it's really the parents' issues, not the children's. Most of those folks are pet owners, and they see parallels between parenting children and training pets!

I visited in-laws recently and noticed how the non-AP/GD kids really responded to the ways DH and I interacted with them. We could see the other adults watching us and we felt kind of sheepish at first, but eventually just got distracted by kids and got over it. Interesting vibe. We've never really discussed parenting with these folks (most are distant relations by marriage we only see a couple of times a year) but we're wondering if that will change now.

So no, we don't seem to get many direct comments or challenges or questions, but somehow it does come up for both of us.
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