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what to wear to wedding?

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Are there any COOL nursing dresses out there, that aren't totally dowdy and are dressy enough for a wedding? All the skirt/top sets are kind of unflattering and I need to look good!
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I don't know of any off-hand, but I'd check out motherwear (they usually advertise on the back cover of Mothering). The clothes are a bit pricey but I got some really nice stuff there 3 years ago.

For weddings, I have done a ball length skirt in some fancy-schmancy fabric (I don't know what it is) & a long, black loose, but tailored tank. The skirt & whatever jewelry I'm wearing dress it up & the tank is loose enough to hike it up to nurse dd.
I also suggest Motherwear. I just went to a wedding this past weekend, and I wore a nursing dress I got from there. My friends (who know what a huge bf'ing advocate I am) couldn't tell it was a nursing dress. After I started nursing in the dress, one of my friends even told me she had wondered how I was going to nurse in that dress!
This would be pretty with fabulous shoes and accessories:
The best part is the price!
I guess the problem is that I'm not used to wearing black at a wedding (it's an outdoor gardeny event)

I want to wear something bright, chiffon, and girly! Is that too much to asK? :LOL

Has anyone tried just wearing a wrap-style dress, or a dress with a wrap-top? I wonder if that would work...
One idea from my experience...

I was the matron of honor at my sister's wedding 7-weeks after the birth of DD. Thankfully, she only indicated a color preference for me and the other two bridesmaids' dress and let us choose the style. I got a dress two peice dress from David's Bridal that worked out really well for BFing. (I believe they sell a line of mix and match tops and skirts in a variety of satin colors.) I also brought a stretchy shiny/beaded tank (from a department store) in a complementary color to the dress to wear in case I had any probelms with spit-up, leakage, pee, poop, etc. getting on the top of the dress. Glad I did! The stretchy tank actually worked out better and looked a bit more flattering than the original dress.
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As a guest? I always opted for pretty skirts, and nice tops that I could just lift from the bottom.
I bought an adorable dress from One Hot Mama last year. They no longer have the same style, but it was really cute. I'm looking through their site and it seems like only a few things are in stock right now...

I also remember someone on here saying recently that NY & Company (that store at the mall) has wrap-front dresses that are good for nursing...

Do you get LLL's "New Beginnings" magazine? I saw a few ads at the back this month that looked promising, but didn't write down the URLs and the magazine's alllll the way downstairs right now....
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