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I know so many here won't do "plastic". I know there are wonderful wooden toys, but others have their value. I feel sorry for their kids for missing out on:

1. Lego's/Duplos. Even my 11 y.o. still uses the Duplos. We have TONS and she builds houses with them (that don't fall down easily, ala the wooden version of "brick"! Tons of other cool stuff too.

2. Cranium Games: Plastic Yes. Yucky, No. Really great and lots of fun. Could you make up your own version without plastic, um maybe, but wow its so wonderful as is.

3. The game Who/Where. Learn about deductive reasoning. But yeah its plastic.

4. Cheap plastic blow up "instruments" like guitars, drums and pianos. We have real versions of these, but I wouldn't want them to be used for the Jumping up and down "rock band" my two little one's like to create. And since they have to find a way to create their own music this way. VERY FUN

5. Hoola Hoops. Contests involve can you jump up and down or run around while doing it. Hours of fun.

6.Plastic buckets for sand play. (Is there an alternative?)
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