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What was your first PPAF like?

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I'm sorry that I don't know where to post this.

I was really suprised when I started spotting bright red last night. Now I have a very bright red flow. Before pregnancy, my periods were always much darker in color. Is this normal? Is bright red OK? What was your PPAF like?

I don't know if I should be happy to see AF, or not. I thought she'd stay away a bit longer due to anemia and breastfeeding.

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From what I know from Chinese Medicine and Holistic Medicine bright red is GOOD! When you have darker red and/0r brownish color it is a sign of old blood from a previous cycle. Bright Red also means that you have good blood flow to your uterus. Very good to have especially to conceive!
I got one AF at 3 months (somewhat heavy), then not again until 6 months (heavy) and I don't think I'll really be "regular" for awhile. I don't thing you definietely ovulate just because you have a period.

Bright red sounds good to me!
Mine came back about 16 - 18 months with all 3 kids. I don't remember it being bad after my first baby but the next two were nightmares. Very heavy bleeding and *bad* cramps.
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