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What went wrong?? replacing sugar w/ natural sweeteners

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Okay, so it's not really that nutritious, but I don't know where else this should go. lol

I was making these cookies called 'funeral cookies'...weird name, i know, but really good!!

here's the recipe, I tried subbing half the sugar with honey, but they turned out all goopy- didn't firm up like they do with just 2c. of sugar. I'm thinking the milk may have thrown it there a trick to subbing natural sweetners in place of white sugar?? I never know what I'm going to end up with when I experiment!!

2 C sugar (so I did 1C evap. cane juice, 1 C honey)
.5C butter
.5C cocoa
.5C milk
.5tsp salt

*boil above ings together for one minute, remove from heat add 1tsp vanilla*

3C rolled oats
1c coconuts
.5C walnuts
*mix above ings then add to hot sugar mixt to make crumbly mix*
*drop gooey/crumbly mixt by spoonfuls onto parchment paper- work quickly before it sets, let cookies set and dry*

These cookies are usually really good
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Sounds like there was too much liquid in the batter. You need to accomodate for that when subbing honey. I'd cut the amount of honey in half, since you're also using evaporated cane juice.
When replacing sugar with honey, you only need 1/2 cup to 2/3 cup per every cup depending on whether you are using filtered honey or unfiltered honey. Also, you should be reducing the liquids in the recipe by at least 1/4 cup per every cup of honey added.
okay- thanks for the tips!
Use 3/4 cup honey to 1 cup sugar and lower the oven temperature 25
degrees to prevent browning. Also, reduce the liquid in a recipe by
1/4 cup per 1 cup of honey used. Plus, add 1/2 tsp. of baking soda
for every cup of honey used.

A 12 oz. jar equals 1 cup

Mild honeys (acacia, alfalfa, clover, sage, and tupelo) are best for
baking and in raw preparations. Darker honeys (eucalyptus and
buckwheat) are best for sauces and glazes as they taste fuller and are
less floral.
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