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Wow, that sounds like a difficult situation. I'd email her and ask if she is ok, since you haven't heard from her. Be as friendly and caring as possible.

Maybe you could let her know that you understand it was a large order. Perhaps she could send you a partial order, and then follow up over time until it is fulfilled entirely.

However, if you still don't receive any communication from her, can you find out other WAHMs who know her? I mean, how long has she been in business? Try to find a go-between to work this out. On another board I read about someone who was flat out scammed by a WAHM. She posted about it and tons of people kept posting their support for her, and the WAHM in question had to try to come clean. If it is someone on mdc, then maybe after a few more tries of being nice you might consider posting about her on mdc and getting us to back you up.

I wish you luck. Gosh, I just can't imagine being in this situation. I mean, I feel guilty if I take a whole day to respond to someone's email!


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