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What would you put on my ds? :)

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He is a super sensitive one. He HATES being wet at night, will wake up moments after peeing if he can feel any moisture. AND he will not sleep wearing anything even slightly bulky. Even the slight bunchiness of pocket diapers has him flailing about. And he is sensitive to PUL. so no FOE or PUL outer. I have been putting him in my old mudpies at night because they are super soft, sidesnap (which is necessary at night) and he loves them but they soak through very fast. And an AIO would be wonderful because getting a diaper and a cover on him in the dark without him flipping out on me is fairly impossible. Please help!! I am soooo tired from having to wake up ten times a night changing him.
Last night I woke up and he didn't have a diaper on at all. Bare bum! I fell asleep between taking one off and putting one on!!

I'm not going to get any responses to this am I...
I know it's a tall order...
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Have you tried a IPF with a fleece insert and wool soaker, longies or shorts?
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