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What's for dinner?

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NT style, that is

Even if it is remotely connected, I wanna know about it
:Give me some healthy favorites!

I am most likely making the spicy chicken breast from Sally Fallons Nourishing Traditions book. Never tried them, so have no idea what they taste like. I will probably make either plain brown rice with it, or the Algerian wedding rice. And frozen green beans. I haven't the heart to buy anymore veggies at the store when our first CSA box is this week
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Tonight is beef stew made with homemade chicken broth.
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We had beef and cabbage soup.
Grain-free bread and fermented veggies on the side.
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Those sound yummy!
Today, I actually didn't get around to doing many things to prepare for the aforementioned dinner, so instead we had potatoes and sausage from Trader joes, and peas
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I was just writing my menu for the week:

pasta sauce over cabbage ( beef and heart, tons of veggies, beef stock)
cabbage, sausage, potato ( with chicken stock)
roast beef with collard greens(cooked in beef stock)
teriyaki salmon, mixes veggies with peanut sauce
pizza (gluten free crust, tons of veggies, mozzarella)
chicken stir fry over faux rice ( shredded cauliflower)

lentil soup (chicken broth)
black bean soup (ham hocks in the crock pot right now)
salad with left over salmon (hopefully)
hambrugers (on top of salad for the grups, bread for the kids)

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I don't know, I was thinking of making the steak I have in the freezer that I got from our cow raising butcher friend
I seriously need to go to the grocery to get some veggies. All I have are potatoes that are on their way out and some onions and garlic. I have frozen peas and tons in the pantry so I'm sure I can make something.

I NEED some risotto but after that white rice thread I'm feeling dumpy about my love for it
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