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What's going on?

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The last couple of nights Sarah has started to cry in her sleep. Not a little whimper, full out cry. She's also tossing and turning like crazy and eventually wakes up. It's driving me crazy because I'm soooooo tired! Anyone have any clue with what's going on with her? She's not hitting any development milestones at the moment or teething. I nurse her to try and calm her down in the beginning of these episodes and it works for maybe 10 minutes (it's 3:30 in the morning, so it feels like 10 minutes at least.) I started giving her solids every day last week, so I'm going to take a break from them for awhile to see if that's it. Anyone have any other ideas about what it could be?

Thanks in advance!
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Both of mine went through strange boughts of what you ae talking about. Sometimes there was a hidden culprit. They would show signs of sickness a few days later or a tooth would come out of nowhere. And I think there was developmental stuff going on that I couldnt see. They grow and change so fast the first year. Sometimes I think it was just an increased awareness of their world.

Usually it would go away after a few days. Hang in there! If it persists I would start thinking about ear infection, preteething and allergies.
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