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What's going on???

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Ok, I've been charing for a few months now, and I'm trying to figure out my current chart. I ovulated Day 18 of my cycle, April 17th. I bled from Saturday to Monday just past, but I've been temping and my temps have yet to drop below my last months cover line.

I'm wondering if that was an actual period... I guess the only way to know is testing, but I'm wondering if, barring pregnancy, there is any signifigance to my temps not dropping.

Any input would be welcome. I'm sorry if I'm not describing the situation well, so if I confused anyone, I'll try to clarify.

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Did your temps drop at all? Are they close to coverline? Unless they are still really high, I would say there's not much significance to them being above coverline, but it's hard to know without actually looking at your chart.

Sorry not more help!

Mindi, it's not uncommon for temps to remain above the coverline due to residual progesterone from your luteal phase. I've had that happen a few times before, and sometimes they'll stay elevated for 4-5 days into my cycle and then drop.

The first time it happened, it freaked me out a bit, too, so I did test just to make sure. Testing might not be a bad idea, just to give you some peace of mind.

Sorry to have taken so long to get an update. I did test, and of course, it was negative. My temps are just jumping like crazy this cycle. I'm actually wondering if maybe it's my thermometer and not my body that's all whacked out. I know that it's not reccommended to get a new thermometer in the middle of a cycle, but if the old one is just giving crazy readings, I don't see that's any better!

Thanks for all the responses, though. It's nice to get feedback and support from you all!

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