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What's hotter - PUL pocket diapers or Disposables?

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Just curious what your thoughts are on this - what is hotter/sticker for a kid in the warm weather - a PUL pocket diaper or a disposable? We are going to visit family and I am not bringing prefolds and wool covers - so it's either going to be pocket diapers or disposables. What do you think would be better for comfort?

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The disposables are hotter inside - if you are using a PUL pocket diaper with a natural-fabric stuffer, the materials are cooler on baby's bottom overall. Plus, they'll be more comfortable for your little one.
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I don't want to disagree with pp but I actually stuck a therometer inside my dd's dipes once to find out which was hotter. Pocket dipes are hotter by a couple degrees. The fleece holds the heat next to the skin. However, they breathe much better next to the skin than sposies do once they get wet. Sposies also make my baby's skin sweat in the waistband area where it's just plastic and no gel.

IME but I didn't do any tests or anything pockets are a bit cooler. My older kids used to get heat rash in the summer around their sposies but the baby is in cloth and she doesn't get it at all.

And pockets breathe better, but they feel warmer to the child's skin because of the fleece.
DD gets heat rash from sposies but not her pockets. We primarily use Happy Heiney's and Fuzzi Bunz around here, and she isn't rashey even on the hot days!
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