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what's keeping me from fully dropping?

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With my first 2 babies, I was at a station 0 (baby fully engaged in pelvis) and quite dilated and effaced by, say, 37 weeks or so. Both came around 38-39 weeks. Now with my 3rd baby, I'm 38 weeks along here, and I'm only at station -1 and thus not even dilated or effaced. (The clinic checked me but I'm planning a hb - doing co-care). My concern is, since it's normal for me to be dropped, dilated, and effaced by now, and I'm not, does that indicate something is wrong like a short cord? Help me not to worry!
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DS didn't drop right away. i was in labor for 43 hours....he was big...10lbs 14oz....large head. so it took some time for him to drop completely and me to dialate to 10....he was my first! he was very healthy, and never had ANY stress the whole time!
just stubborn
. so babe could just be a little large. at least that's why it took DS so long to drop, i was also 3 wks late...
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I don't know what prevents it but with DD I didn't drop until I was in labor. I am not really sure how common it is to drop first but I know not dropping can still be a normal healthy birth.
It's common for the baby not to drop so early in subsequent pregnancies. I don't know why that is. Even though your other 2 did, I wouldn't worry about it. Maybe this one isn't ready yet!
My MWs theory is that subsequent babies don't drop because if they did and put pressure on the cervix labor would be sponaneous and fast. Amazing how our bodies know EXACLTY what to do

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-1 isn't that far above 0 station. I went through most of my last labour with dd2 at -1 station. She was at 0 when my water broke and was born with the next contraction. The more babies you've had, the easier they come out.
I dropped with my first two, but with my last baby she didn't actually drop down until the moment I pushed her out. (fast labors) She was high and floating right up until the end.
#1 dropped around 37 weeks (i went to 42), #2 didnt fully drop until labor...she was in and out until she was forced to come out....i think this one is ding the same...on occassion he seems to be waaay down, but then a couple hours later hes floating around again. its all need t stress. oh, btw, #1s cord was way shorter then #2
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Thanks for the responses, Mamas,
Like some of you, I have very fast labors so we'll see what happens here with #3.
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