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what's more absorbant than two joey-bunz?

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We are having super-saturation at night recently, which is odd because ds has really cut down on his night-nursing and has even slept through the night a handful of times recently
But he seems to be peeing more than ever and we keep waking up with wet jammies and sheets. We have always used two joey-bunz in a FB at night. I've tried three but the extra bulk seems to not fit in the pocket that well and seems to make leaks worse (like the pee runs out the sides before getting absorbed through the microfleece). I did major stripping and build-up doesn't seem to be the problem. And we're not getting any daytime leaks. It really seems to be an over-saturation problem.

Just looking for some suggestions on a new night-time system (preferring microfleece or suedecloth to keep his sweet little tush dry).
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have you tried microfiber? I usually use one micro on top of one joey and it works great for us.
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I use a hemparoo hemp prefold and either a microfiber insert or joeybunz on top.
sometimes they pee so fast that the hemp can't absorb. The microfiber really helps that because it absorbs faster. Try it.
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plus, I saw somewhere that a joey absorbs only like 6oz, whereas a microfiber insert holds like, a joey and a microfiber has FAR more absorbtion than two joeys....

We always have luck with that combo - as long as dc hasn't become a side sleeper - than you may have to move to a pocket fitted with a cover!!!

Good luck!

try a MOE insert on top of a joey bunz. It just might be the miracle you need
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well, i was gonna suggest micofiber too. My suggestion was going to be to wrap the towel around the 2 jb's.

Originally Posted by WickidaWitch
well, i was gonna suggest micofiber too. My suggestion was going to be to wrap the towel around the 2 jb's.

I was going to say to add a microfiber towel (auto. dept. at wal mart) to your two joeys. They are squooshy and don't add bulk, IMO.
Well, reading the title, my reaction was 3 joey-bunz!
Maybe size up the diapers and try that? That's what we need for my super-peer who holds it all night then LETS LOOSE....

good luck!

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Thanks for all the suggestions! I don't know if sizing up will work. He wears a medium on the tightest snaps still. I have some microfiber towels so I will try that tonight. I'm thinking of putting together a medium JB, a small MOE hemp insert, and a microfiber towel --I think that combo won't be so wide that it stretches out the pocket too far. I'll report back!
I don't know...what??

Just seemed like a funny joke-opener, the whole "whats more this than that?" lol.

I didn't care for joey's myself. I didn't find they were super absorabant. Microterry gives me the heebies though, so I've stuck with hemp.
I tried duckybunz inserts when my son moved into medium pockets, and I LOVE them...but I dunno how well they would work for a girl instead of a boy. For a boy they are genious though

I think hemp fleece works MUCH MUCH better than jersey...imho.

I would buy a hemp fleece insert myself, one with extra oomph where you need it would be nice (duckybunz or wonderfulls) too.
Then wrap the sucker in a microterry shop towel from wallmart and see if that helps

I never could get pockets to work at night, and they work fine for us during the day, but no ammt of stuffing worked (I evne tried a hemp fleece prefold wrappd in a regular prefold) for my son.
I tried a fitted + wool and presto, dry baby...
so I figure, it if ain't broke.... :LOL
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I tried microfiber on top of a medium joey and a small MOE hemp insert. It didn't seem too bulky but we still woke up wet around 3 am. Maybe there is a little bit of a build-up issue, I'm not sure. This is so frustrating.

The only diaper we really don't have problems with is a fleece AIO from My Precious Baby by April, but I only have one of those
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Hi!!! ok mine are super wetters & Joey bunz whether i put in 10 {
} wouldn't work. I found the MOE micro terry inserts are AWESOME!! I used to {when i used pockets} put in 2 in the pocket {MOE} and we were good to go. I never liked jbunz & thuoght from the beginning my kids are to heavy of wetters for them.

good luck
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The JamTots 3 layer hemp inserts are very absorbent (much more than my JB's) plus you can fold it in two or three (makes 9 layers!) Also very reasonably priced and they double as a prefold. We use a 3 layer folded in two for nightime and DD is a vry heavy wetter.
:LOL My first reaction was 3 jb too - but I'm in a rather feisty mood today

I use an infant prefold in my pockets quite often, when she was wetting more I would use a prefold and a jb - never had a leak.
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actually 1 ducky buns, so two are fabulous! Hemparoo prefold. Lounging Lizard hemp prefold. I prefer the hemparoo because I like hemp fleece much better.
We use Wonder-Fulls.
One "whole" one (small snapped to large) plus one of just the large piece can get us through 12 hrs.
wonder-fulls insert with one microfiber towel on the bottom works for my supa dupa soaka!
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