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What's on the bum?

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What fluff is your little one sporting this morning?

Zach's in a FCB firetruck fitted with me-made Windpro cover
Zai's in a me-made OV fitted with a Tykies wool cover
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William is sporting a diaper service prefold with a litewrap cover (no snappi) boring, but so functional.
She's toddling around in a red Very Baby AIO, with a penguin on the bum. That just barely has enough rise left! If she grows a scrap more there will be visible equator.
Baby dd(8 months old)is wearing an avacado Firefly and navy blue mama made LTK Longies.
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Swaddlebees cotton velour fitted... no cover....just hangin at home.
5 wk dd has on a snappied infant ipf with a small biobottoms wool cover. It's the first time she's reaaly worn wool because I finally lanolized them all two days ago.
Nothing interesting here, just a snappi'd prefold, no cover cause we're just at home and I am trying to get a feel for EC'ing (tricky when he pees every 10 minutes sometimes, and goes for an hour at others
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Elias is in a bumGenius OS pocket with a microfiber insert. Has kept him dry for a while
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Zoe is wearing nothing right now(PLing), but she will be going into a Hillbilly Bunny Trim Nites probably the dipe dyed green-purple for bedtime
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a sage haute pocket...we're converting our whole stash to them
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undies....Yay!! I am *very* much looking forward to cd'ing another lil one in the spring though!
Nothing interesting here. Just a couple flat diapers, with pins, obviously, and gerbers rubber pants, with butterflies & turtles & snails on them.

No fluff in our house at this point.
Ciaran was in his Kushies Classics today, nothing very exciting. But I just bought a bunch of Bummis prefolds and covers, and everything should be washed and ready for him to try tomorrow!

DD1-- premium CPF snappied with a ME Airflow

DD2-- newborn PF snappied with handknit wool

DS-- Sandy's x-small with an Alexis featherlite
Sean is in a blue bumGenius OS pocket with a cottonbabies insert.
Ok, its 'tomorrow' now, and I'm very excited. I just put Ciaran in a pf with BSWW. The cover is sooo cute! At first he didn't like them at all and refused to walk to breakfast. But now he's running around not even noticing. And its so much trimmer than our MotherEase Sandy's or the Kushies. Almost sposie like!
Premium PF with mint green snappi and Imse Vimse organic cotton cover with jungle print. too cute!
George and Jane are both in snappi'd Thirstie's prefolds with proraps. I am awaiting a huge order of FB's- can't wait!
My 7 month old is napping in a medium red fuzzibunz with a cottonbabies microfiber insert. I have a natracare organic super tampon in!
Right now DS has on an indian pf with an uber soft recycled wool soaker. I'll probably put him in a FB when he gets up from his nap. I love having variety!
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