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What's the best style/brand/type of AIO?

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Are all AIO's created equal? Which is *your* favorite? Most dependable? Prettiest? Is there any I should avoid?
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We can't do "traditional" AIOs (i.e. those with PUL) b/c of breathability issues, but I recently discovered that we can do fleece AIOs. My current fave is the RB fleece shell set. They fit wonderfully, have beautiful contrasting fabric on the contour & liner, and are often embroidered or appliqued as well. And you can buy extra snap-ins for them. And for $.50 extra you can get a gender-specific "dream addition" (extra fabric in the soaker in the wet zone). Oh, and they make gorgeous WIOs too. Can you tell I love my RB shell sets? :LOL (BTW, I have pix of them in my stash pix).
We love very baby aio's. There are a few on the tp in all different sizes by the way!!!!! Wish I had paypal! Very baby's are just so amazingly trim(not much more than a disposable, her bigger clothing falls off her with vb's on) and they've got some pretty colors too! I had one with a sewn in doubler that took a while to dry so I really prefer snap in doublers or the quick-dry kind that is sewn in at one end only. MUCH easier laundry-wise!

My favorite AIOs are Fluffymail and Bottombumpers.

I also find that Very Babys are very dependable.
I don't use that many AIO's but if I do use one I don't think any compare to my VBs I just love them and would like to have some more. I like them so much some times if I could get a hold of a lot I would consider changing my main stash over.
FMBG, Luke's Drawers, Mudpies, LHC, EarthSeedlings.

I have had some serious leaking problems with both Very Baby and Bumkins. I personally would avoid those if you do not change every 15 minutes. :LOL
I'm currently using both Bum-Ware AIOs and Daisy-Doodles. The Bum-Ware are relatively trim and absorb like no other; the Daisy-Doodles are extremely trim and can go under anything. I
'em both!
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I prefer snaps over velcro and prints over plain. I'm wondering what the composition is of AIO's in general... I've read that they have a snap in soaker, and the actual diaper is just a layer of pul with micro fleece liner and print outer... Kind of just like beefed up cover, isn't it?

I'm really not into changing every 15 min, so thanks for the heads up, dreamingmama! My DD is a squirmy little thing... it's always a fight to get her diaper on.

I was never interested in AIO's before, but I'm going on a big trip to the inlaws in september, so I want to have some AIO's on hand for going out and about, aside from the luscious wool and OC fitteds
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I do like VB aio's I have to have snaps on everything. My lil girl rips velcro type closures right off..
even though I love some AIO"S I am a prefold and cover or fitted and cover person myself..... I love trying all WAHM's Now my pp is screaming for hte TP... LOL
i like my sugarplub baby aio's.. they arent great for night time, but daytime use they are awesome.. the problem i have is my son is potty trained in the day but night he tends to wet heavily, so he soaks the bed often.. but none of his diapers can obsorbe all of the pee, so i dunno..
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they are covers with soakers. the soakers could be snap-in, lay-in or sewn-in, same as fitteds. the covers can be trimmer because they don't have to fit a whole diaper. you can swap soakers and keep the same cover or make an aio out of any kind of soaker and cover.

I prefer the beccabottoms soakers, because they have excellent coverage and absorbancy. I also prefer her shells, but, even when I use other shells (including wool covers, making a wio) I use her soakers.

the best aspect of an aio is that, because it is compact & waterproof, it can go under normal clothes, especially if you have a super-trim aio like the daisy doodles or beccabottoms ultratrim. so the universe of clothes, like skinny jeans, that used to be out of reach to cd'ing moms, is back available again.

it's really, as with any cloth diaper, a matter of knowing your baby, the fit that works best on them, howmuch absorbancy they need, and where they need the coverage, and then looking for the maker that makes the best combination for your own child.

so you may want to ask which aio's are closest to your favorite fitteds or wool covers in order to get the best response for your baby.

for example, they very baby aio's work beautifully for some and not at all for others. people are *crazy* about them, but I can't get the applix to handle my dd's big waist without makingt her straddle the air like she's riding a horse. but I've heard the beccabottoms ultratrim and daisy doodles referred to as 'bikini underwear' by other mamas.

-hope that was helpful-
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We liked Beccabottom's aio's, both the regular and UT styles. No leaks ever. I am big on removeable soakers. We can't do internal soakers-i.e. traditional aio's. They wick way too fast for us, and they take forever in our dryer. I think every aio works differently for every baby. My first baby could use any ol' aio--even Kushies--remember those
, and not leak. My second baby, our dd, could only use Granny's Ark WP aio's. Our last baby, our other ds, used the Beccabottoms. We loved them. Every baby is different.
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The "best" is really dependant on your kids body shape. LHC and VK fit my Moose fabulously, I tried a Luke's Drawers because of the great reviews but the fit is off on Moose (maybe the elastic is just old?), otherwise it works great. My beefiest AIO is from Fairyland Creations but I need to size him up there, he's nearly too big for the L we have.
Sounds like i need to shop more LOL ( hubby would disagree) BUT I think i need to try all the other AIO's LOL Or I coudl just make some, but what fun is that... LOL
Edited b/c I thought that sounded snarky when I didn't mean it to.
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