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What's the best way to sew elastic into wool?

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I'm making a wool wrap from a felted sweater and want to add elastic (unless you tell me not to). What's the best way to sew it in? Tacked down, sewn down, do I add a casing? Thanks!
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If you want just one layer i'd suggest FOE, you'll have to wash it a little more often but it would be really easy to make. Just cut out your wrap and sew the FOE around it streching it as you go where the elastic should be.

If you are doing two layers, I'd T&T and sew it to the seam allowance before turning. There are quite a few ways you could add elastic to a wool wrap, those are just the two I like.
I've no experience with wraps but I would say tacked down with a casing would be the way to go.
Here's how I do it, I make a separate casing out of wool, usually from a wool skirt or shirt.
I adopted the pocket method of leaving a flap of fabric where the elastic will go and folding it over. Basically, I used the pattern for my fitted diapers and cut the wool from this (since I will have no seam allowance, it makes it a bit bigger than the diaper). At the legs and back where I wanted elastic, I just cut out and around those areas leaving a 3/4" or so flap. Then, I sewed my elastic down as usual, and then covered it with the flap and sewed the flap down, being careful not to catch any of the elastic.

Oh, I almost forgot. My machine has an overedge stitch and so that is what I did all around the edges, since this was a 1-layer cover. I used 100% polyester thread so it wouldn't wick.

I'm quite proud of myself for this wrap
Here are a couple pics:
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PP, so do you just tack your elastic down, or sew all of it down? Also, I'd really like to see your pictures, but it says I need a password or sign in stuff or something.

Thanks for all the help so far!
Joni, I can't see your pics either, but your description is the way I like best too!
oops, sorry, should have been http: rather than ftp:

Should be working now!
I just made a wool wrap with FOE and it was really easy!

The steps I followed:
1. Felted old sweater very slightly.
2. Cut pattern of one layer (followed my diaper pattern but added a 1/2 in all around)
3. Sewed FOE all around
4. added aplix closures.

Some things I learned:
The FOE was great (quick & easy!), though on the next one I make I will only pull the FOE tight around the back and around the legs. I pulled all around and so while the wrap fits great and is not too tight, the edges around DS's belly roll in and the edges where I attached the hook aplix roll in a bit.
Also, I would attach the aplix b/f sewing the FOE.

HTH! Let us know how your cover turns out!
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