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What's the deal w/ powder?

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OK So.. every time I talk to my grandma, she tells me to be sure to use powder on my baby. I tell her I do (because it's just easier, trust me) but I hardly ever use it. It cakes up in his folds and such. That and his older brother was sensitive to the talc, for reasons I cannot fathom. How can one be alergic to a mineral.. seriously? Anyway.... why is she so hung up on powder? She seems to think it'll help with "redness." I think that if I keep him clean and dry, it won't be an issue. I'm sick of hearing about powder. Is there something concrete that I can show her that says powder isn't all it's cracked up to be?
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inhaling talc (which is what babies do while you're dusting it on them) can cause pneumonia, asthma, death. it's also linked to ovarian cancer.

just google it - it's all over the internet. even non-talc based powders are inhalation risks and should not be used.

Thanks! I'll print this up and show it to her. I always knew there was something dodgy about powder.
NEVER use talc powder.

Cornstarch powder, while not as dangerous, can contribute to labial adhesions in girls.

I have no idea why talc powder is still on the market.
Plain petroleum jelly, and a bit a zinc oxide based cream (like desitin) as needed will keep the skin clear. No need for any powders.
Why don't you just tell her the pediatrician advises not to use it? Pulling the 'doctor says so' in my family usually works pretty well, without a gazillion questions.
Before getting pregnant with DD, I knew that powder was an inhalation risk. Besides that, I didn't even know why it was used. I received two huge bottles of powder at our baby shower...
. I sent the gifter a thank you note and tossed the bottles. If DD has developed a rash (a few times), I have applied a little lanolin...
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Not trying to be dificult, but I have used powder when necessary for very specific purposes.

To cut down on inhalation, I sprinkle it on my fingers and then apply it to wherever it's needed. I used it in the fold of DS2's neck. and behind his ears. It's scaley and stinky back there for some reason, so after his bath this week, I put a bit back there to help dry it out.

I used Gold Bond medicated body powder, after carefully checking the ingredients.

But I agree that a cream with zinc is much more appropriate for the diaper area.
I, too, didn't think we needed powder and everyone was pushing it. I used oil in his folds to decrease chafing and deal with the rash there.

Turned out we needed powder. (Should have listed to experience of the elders) The corn starch kept him dry in his folds, and the gold bond (or caldescene) helped with rashes. I cut the Caldescene with corn starch; this also reduced the fragrance from the Caldescene, which bothers me. Keeping things dry with careful wiping/airing didn't cut it.
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