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whats the deal, with inductions?

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on the more mainstream board that I am on there must be at least a 80% induction rate with the mamas. I am confused. Most (if not all) of these women are being induced BEFORE they are even due. I had no idea this was so common...and for little to no medical reason...I just don't get it. It seems like 3 new people post over there everyday saying they just found out what their induction date is. Makes me so sad for them...

anyone else notice this?
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Yep, because I lurk there, too, sometimes. (I was more active there on TTC side, but a like-minded friend turned me on to MDC when I got my BFP.) I just noticed your username there the other day.

Enormous ratio of scheduled c/s, too.
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Well, I would prefer that you not feel sad for me, but I have a couple of theories at least regarding where I live:
1. I live in a pretty geographically isolated area where most of the doctors work at more than one hospital. Because I am considered high risk, an induction is my OB's way of making sure she can be there for my birth. There are no midwives or doulas in the state where I live, by the way. You can cross state lines and consult with one, but s/he would not be allowed to attend the birth.
And that, I can live with because I choose to live here. And I have been able to get my way on a number issues that the hospital had previously said "no" to. I would best describe it as a once-conservative little hospital that is trying to become more progressive. They're slowly changing, and I hope that I have been a part of that. My other theory, however, is more bothersome to me.
2. Where I live the majority of the population is Native American, but all the delivery doctors are non-Native. The women of this tribe are typically short with narrow, little hips, but their babies are good-sized. In spite of the fact that Northern Plains tribal women have been birthing huge babies for thousands of years, I think the non-Native doctors freak out about the size of the babies and suggest induction. This happened to my SIL. She's tiny, and the doc was convinced that her third child was going to be huge, so she talked SIL into induction. SIL says it was awful, and my nephew wasn't even that big. She got a different doctor for the birth of her 4th baby, by the way, and says it was the easiest delivery ever.
The tendancy still bothers me, though.
My induction will be for an actual medical reason. And I haven't totally submitted to it yet. I would be interested to know how our induction rates here compare to those in more urban areas where there are more birthing choice (and midwives) available.
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From what I've read here & elsewhere inductions are more painful (and lead to more c/s) than just letting things happen on their own. I have no idea why you'd want to be induced before your due date without a medical reason.

(Ask me the same question when I'm 4 days overdue & moving in a week and my answer will be different.
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let me clarify, I don't feel sad that these women are HAVING inductions, I feel sad that their doctors are not really presenting it as a choice (even if it is not medically necessary), and the women don't know that they can say no. That feels sad to me...

luckydog, wow...who knew we visited the same sites? I always prefer to be here...but something keeps me checking in there too!

Originally Posted by ice_queen View Post
let me clarify, I don't feel sad that these women are HAVING inductions, I feel sad that their doctors are not really presenting it as a choice (even if it is not medically necessary), and the women don't know that they can say no. That feels sad to me...
Weird. I'm on my 2nd birth and 2nd OB with no mention of induction or elective c-section. Maybe I just have good luck picking OBs.
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I am actually shocked to find myself considering an induction this time. Please, no flaming. If I do it, it will be a fully informed decision based on unusual personal life circumstances. I had a wonderful totally natural birth for my last birth, and would LOVE for this one to be the same. However, we are moving on my due date out-of-state. Everything about the move is scheduled, cannot be changed, and I can't go ahead and get there and wait for baby at our new place with DH due to his work schedule here, and I can't wait here for baby after the move date with DH due to his work schedule at the new place. Not to mention that I need him around to help with the other two kiddos after the birth.

Originally I thought that we'd have care lined up both places, and just move when we have to and have the baby wherever it came. But we've run into insurance snags. I'm also dilating/effacing pretty early this time, and I do slightly fear a precipitous labor on the side of the road, or in a city on the way to our new place. Normally, I'd be a bit excited about the thought of an unexpected UC with precipitous labor, but not on the side of the highway or McD's parking lot in the summer heat with two young kids in the car.

Anyway, a lot of thought and angst has gone into thinking about this. I am still uncertain what I'll choose. My midwives are the ones that have brought up talking about this, and after time (and getting closer to the due date with more and more move-related complications arising) I am seriously considering it, and trying to figure out how I would choose to do it and remain as natural and risk-free as possible (yes, I know an induction can't be risk-free.). Anyway, I am generally anti-elective induction, and was so pleased to be able to have my DS with such a wonderful and totally natural birth experience. I have had an induction before--with my DD when she was two weeks late, so this is not all new to me.

Anyway, sorry for the book, and I'm not looking for affirmation--this is not the place I'd seek that for an induction like this one would be. But, I thought that I'd answer the question that was asked. I'm hoping this guy will come a bit early for me and this won't even be an issue. But if not...I'm not sure...
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no flaming from me! You are making an educated decision and that is absolutely your right as a parent. If you decide to have an induction, you will be doing it b/c it is what feels best for your whole family at the time. The fact that you are putting aside what you really WANT for your birth to do what feels right is a strong thing to do.

As long as women have the choice I have no problem with it...
I find it interesting how many people (myself included) feel that they *had* to be induced... I'm distressed how little we as women are informed about the process of birth and what is *normal* in that it happens frequently and what is not. Also, so many of us are uninformed on *normal* pregnancy symptoms ... I'm wondering why these aren't taught in highschool as a deterrent to teenage pregnancy. Why is it such work to inform ourselves? Shouldn't this information be easily accessable since the majority of women will go through this at least once?
I feel your pain, Stacy! I'm due July 5th and we're all set to move out of state on the 19th. I'm hoping he comes early, so I don't have to decide when I'll be induced.
I was induced with dd1 because the docs wanted to speed things up. It was horrible and I was uneducated! I do feel sad for the mamas that dont' educate themselves and are induced for non medical reasons. I would never have this done to me again... one of the many reasons I am ucing. Our induction/ cs rate is one of the highest in Canada. If I were feeling I needed to hurry things up ie if I was 42+ weeks I would be using all the natural methods I could find, including lots of sex and nip stim. This is just how I feel and I am not judging anyone on their choices as long as they are informed choices.
I have three daughters and have been induced all three times.

The first one was two weeks over due. They used the tampon type of whatchamacallit and the whole thing was over in 7 hours. My daughter was 10 lbs, 22''.

My second was induced 3 weeks early due to nasty complication. They used the gel that they apply to the cervix. (I'll never, ever allow that gel again!) The contraction pain was immediate and excrutiating. The whole thing felt like a lifetime but was over in just over 7 hours. She was 8 lbs 3 oz, 22".

My third daughter was induced *three* (which turned out to be six) weeks early, tho she flipped breech and was an emergency C/S after only 3 hours, and 3 cm. She was 6 lb 4 oz, 19" Tho she had some blood oxygen and breathing issues, then weight loss problems.

I was induced for a reason, tho the next one *I don't care how much pain I'm in* I want to feel what its like to go into labor naturally! I feel like I've been ripped off of a major experience and I want it!!
Just like Ice Queen said, as long as you are making an informed decision knowing all risks involved (including not inducing for whatever particular problem you're having) then I get giddy because then you can take control and make the induction the way that you want it to be!
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Barb--I'm due on the 5th, too. I hope both of ours come early and we can avoid even thinking about this!!
I was induced with my DS a week early (first child -- I was 18 years old and very misinformed), and it was the most horrible experience of my life. I wouldn't wish Pitocin-induced contractions on my worst enemy. Not to mention the fact that most babies come when they are ready to come -- they don't need help from the outside world!

My DH works offshore and is gone half the time, so there's a good chance he'll be gone when I go into labor. I am also "high risk" due to (resolved) cystic hygromas and polyhydramnios. Two pretty darn good reasons to have a scheduled early induction. But I'm still not doing it. IMO, there is no "convenience" reason good enough to rush your baby before he/she is ready, and even with health-related reasons, the pros and cons need to be weighed very carefully before making a decision.
When I was prego with my ds my OB told me that as soon as I was 38 weeks I could be induced if I wanted to. I turned him down but then we found out dh was deploying so we figured why the heck not? (I was completely uninformed btw). So I belonged to a mainstream board at the time and I remembered someone mentioning that it would increase my c-section rate. So I asked my OB about it and he said "nope, I haven't noticed an increase at all." I can't believe he outright lied to me.

Anyways worst experience of my life and the only thing I thank for it is that I walked out of that hospital saying to myself, "there has got to be a better way..." That's when I started research and ended up changing many parenting and lifestyle choices. It wasn't in time for my son not to be circ'd or almost fully vaxed but I know better now.
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I was induced with my first three.. I was sorely uneducated and lacking in defense each time. I've had 3 (yeah that's right) different doctors in 3 different practices induce or mention induction. In Illinois it's quite prevalent especially in my area because the doctor's fear malpractice suits. I know this doesn't quite make sense but I suppose they feel they have a little more 'control' over the situation. I refuse to be induced this time.. come hell or high water I need to experience what it is like to go into labor naturally. The doctor I have is very understand and encouraging even. I feel a lot more confident this time.
I was induced as well. Ugh, never again!

However, if I was supposed to move on my due date.....I think I would consider it too, but I would certainly ask about maybe methods other than pitocin, though I have no idea if there are any. I am just still traumatised from the pain, I think.

It's no fun, but neither would be living with the stress of having another big life event happen on the due date. Best wishes, sleet76! I hope that whatever happens, the outcome is a happy one!

My induced labor was horrendous. I got an epidural and, from that, a mighty big staph infection in my brain. When discussing this with the doctor weeks later, he said that he would likely induce me even earlier to avoid any more trauma.
: Huh? I never did understand why. It made no sense.

So, for the longest time, I just thought, 'Well, that's more babies for me.'

My sister is at about 34-35 weeks and breech. The ob said next week they will "decide what to do." ????? Huh ??????
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Originally Posted by sleet76 View Post
Barb--I'm due on the 5th, too. I hope both of ours come early and we can avoid even thinking about this!!
I hope that for both of you as well! But at least if you do wind up having an induction there are some stories out there like javamama- it sounds like she had an empowering and good experience even though she was induced. It's nice to think it doesn't HAVE to be a nightmare. And esspecially helpful to go into it informed instead of with no clue.
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I think Drs like inductions cause they can do it on their schedule.. I've had one ob/gyn and a l& d nurse (in different hospitals) make comments about induction rates..(both were ina isn't-it-a-shame tone)

i think that if YOU decide that an induction is right for you, thats great.. if you're told (like i was by an ob I saw once) that they would induce if you went over your due date.. i think its not just sad, but does a huge disservice to all mothers.... (I'm still formulating the letter I'm going to write this ob (sob) .
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