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What's the LAST diaper you use?

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Ok, so what's at the BOTTOM of your stash? What is the diaper/cover that you save for the very last before doing a wash? I have some fitted flannel ones that were my first cd's and a nasty AIO that fits funny!
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The few CuddleBuns I have left. I absolutely hate that they take 2 dryer cycles (at least) to dry!
I have some flannel fitteds I started with but they have bad velcro so they get used rarely
Right now its Sugar Peas. I am so loving SOS and El Bees that I just dont love the SPs as much as I used to. I have sold most of them (they used to be the majority of my stash) and am now debating selling the rest.
My old old old ratty SOS. It has sentimantal value. It needs to retire to the baby keepsake box before it really dies.
Oh I also have a back up wool soaker LOL.. don't know where it came from and it's kinda ugly but it's wool
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Actually nothing too bad. I just dont keep anything that I dont absolutely love. It can be a good product, but if it doesnt ring my bells I sell it. I have 3 regular prefolds and a bummis cover that dont get used often. I very rarely run out, even though I dont have a huge amount. I dont like dirty nappies sitting in my laundry so I tend to wash at the very least every 2nd day.
My RileyRoos "AIO".

It leaks in about 10 minutes.... so it's my emergency diaper....
Some flannel and birdseye flats, just slightly below a pile of prefolds
A couple of the very first diapers I ever made...


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Some Kushies classics. I dont know why we still have them, emergency backup maybe? They work ok but are really ugly lol!
kissaluv size 1s. he is totally plumbing in them.
i have some MEOS's that someone gave me while i was pregnant and her ds trained. i have gifted most of them to other moms, but i still have a few i use if i'm really desperate.
I have a lot of diapers I never use!
: My least used would have to be my Large Fuzbaby Garden speckled egg. It's too big in the rise and it's just to pretty to poop in.
If I do use it, it's at night. I'm hoping my ds will grow into it and if he doesn't, it hasn't been pooped in, so I'm hoping to sell it!
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2 BearBumz AIOs that leak pretty quickly. I use those when I really need to run laundry. Hmm... he's in one now.... Geez Gillian! Get off MDC and wash diapers! :LOL
I have a few Dappi diapers that I never touch. Yuck.
My Bumkins AIO and HH are at the bottom of my pile. I try to never use them.
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