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What's this thing on my nipple?

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So, when dd was nursing today, she unlatched and I saw what looked like a yellow blister on my nipple. Later, when she was sleeping, I took a look, and it was hard, so not a blister. I pulled on it, and it didn't hurt, and it eventually came off. I thought it might be dried milk, but does BM dry clearish yellow? Could that have been a plugged duct? It never hurt, but if I had left it, maybe it could have? I have no idea, and it doesn't sound like anything I've read about in the breastfeeding books.
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That does sound like dried milk, maybe a bleb. (Isn't that a hideous name for a milk blister?)
It does sound like a milk blister. I've been plagued by them over the last few months. has some good info on it.
I think it was just dried milk. From what I read on kellymom... it could have turned into a bleb though, so I'm glad I saw it and took care of it. THanks!
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