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What's up? Or how often can they (OB) change their opinion?

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At my last visit I did the dreaded Glucose test (1 hour) which I failed at 190 (compared to supposedely be under 140). So a couple of days later I did the 3 hour test (perfectly miserable day, who would deprive a pregnant mother of food for 15 hours!). I called back several times until they had the result, and they said I was okay (only one result out of 4 was slightly higher and this was not considered diabetic). So, a week later I get a letter stating the same.

Yesterday I went to another routing appointment (different person though, a female NP compared to my laid back male doc). And she goes on and on about that one number and I should do another 3h test or at least check my glucose levels 4 times a day. So, I consent to checking my glucose levels (and I will meet a nutritionist on Friday, can't hurt to get additional info since I have gotten sloppy in the food department...) and since I had time now to think about it (try thinking straight with a whining toddler in tow in an office) I am PISSED (sorry for the language).

How come I am told twice (once in writing) that I am fine, and four weeks (!!!) later they make all the fuss??? Of course, I want to prove them wrong (especially when going into the hospital, having the log-book and being able to say, "see, no diabetes here!"), but why do I have to? And I so loved Kaiser for the doc's and the convenience, but something changed between my DS's birth and now. So, if it is soooo bad, why wait four weeks to do something about it? Goody, goody, I get to see the chief of staff next week, maybe I can talk about it with her...

And the best, that stupid thing malfunctioned! I tested after lunch (fine), after dinner it gave me nothing but error messages and I tried four (!!!) times (OUCH) before I had the glorious idea to take the test solution and the same error messages came up! This morning again. 20 minutes waiting to speak to a CSR with that company and 45 minutes later it was decided that I get a new one (maybe in pink?). I call the nurses out of courtesy, just letting them know that I won't be testing quite from the start... and they rudely tell me to call the dispensing pharmacy (giving me a wrong number to call to boot). After calling the pharmacy (some more wait on the phone) they tell me "no, the company is going to exchange it".

Does the right hand now what the left hand does?

Does the right hand remember what it did a month ago?

Oh, I am so riled up...

(And the car insurance has been overcharging us for some time (that's another story). And DS has started biting himself in the hand. And I am tired. Can I eat some ice cream and go to bed now?
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Awww....sounds like a lot of crazy business!

I think your plan of ice cream and sleep is phenominal...start there and worry about it all later!
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I am soooooo sorry! I find that on that stupid stupid stupid test (can you tell how I feel about it????) that NO doctor is going to agree with any other doctor about it!~~ I took the 1 hour test, (after passing out on the first stick, and then having to come back another day to take the stupid test, fasting and stupid drink......which I had to fight to keep down!) and 1 doctor out of the 3 the lovely military decided to schedule me with had a problem with it (my nutritionist was not concerned, and said i shouldn't have been tested in the first place, if anything i was underweight, and they should have been filling me with more calories!)

Eat your ice cream, go to bed, and say forget it!!!! If she wants to be the one odd ball and have a problem, let her stick herself!
careful now, all this runaround and hullaballoo sounds like a good technique to get your blood pressure up so they can say you have pre-e and just cut you right open.

Chill out, eat well, and forget about all those meddlers.
to you.

This is one of the exact reasons I will always refuse the test.

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If the 3 hour said you do NOT have GD and you aren't having any other problems, why the heck are they trying to make you poke yourself 4x day like you do have GD?! Absolute nonsense IMO! Remember you can always tell them that you don't want to test anymore since you DON'T have GD. I definitely think you should focus on having a healthy pregnancy, eat well and not stress. If this is consistently how this practice treats you and your goal is a natural birth, you might consider looking for another provider that is supportive of that goal.
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Thank you all for your support and encouragement. Numbers were fine yesterday, but this morning I tested well above (even a non-pregnant person would be considered as diabetic) and after lunch I was slightly elevated. I will see a nutrionist tomorrow, maybe that helps.

Unfortunately changing providers is not much of an option. I am with Kaiser and they are all on the same page.

Thanks again!

Originally Posted by LeosMama
careful now, all this runaround and hullaballoo sounds like a good technique to get your blood pressure up so they can say you have pre-e and just cut you right open.

Chill out, eat well, and forget about all those meddlers.
Yeah, what she said!
Is it possible you had sugar on the strip or testing site from an outside source?

I once, not thinking, tested myself, and had syrup on my hand. I was slightly freaked by the number.
No syrup here, but thanks for the suggestion.

Have been to the nutrionist. She put things into perspective and I am off that starvation diet they gave me at OBGYN. She said, nobody wants a starving mamma-to-be, they are not fun (hey, ask my son!). With a simple list of items and their carbs I can actually eat! Yeah, yeah! And it looks like a healthy diet anyway! On with the veggies! And the spike with the granola just means that I have to eat it for lunch or dinner (if I want to) since the body is somewhat sluggish to get rid of sugar in the morning, Ah Ha! And she actually said that I should experiment,
that some people can eat more of some things than others and get away with it. Now, doesn't that make more sense?
So, even if I have elevated levels, it just means, okay, doesn't work for me, find something else. I will still keep track of the elevated numbers (separately, since the OBGYN's might freak).

Yeah, I feel better today, no longer in a black hole (but gosh, this week was a rollercoaster).

BTW, I had a huge mug of cold chocolate (don't like it hot) and 2 teaspoons of Nutella
(sorry, I am German and I don't eat peanut butter, just did not grow up with it, ever tried Nutella? it's a hazelnut spread, yum) at night and my fasting number in the morning was great! I guess this is a way to get to know my body in a very intimate way...

PS: my blood-pressure is great!
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