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What's up with washable wool yarn?

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Is it a no-no for soakers? Our local yarn shop has a TON of machine washable wool yarn, but I'm scared to buy it. What about wool blends? Like 70% wool, 30% acrylic? I know anything with cotton wouldn't work. TIA!
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The washable wool will not felt and it doesn't have the natural oils (lanolin) I believe, therefore its not really waterproof like natural wool.

Not sure about the wool acrylic, but I assume it would work, only thing is it might retain odors more and require more frequent washing.
There have been a few threads about washable wool in the diapering forum recently. I think the reviews were positive...
I'll have to go check out those threads in the diaper forum. I made a soaker with superwash wool, and it turned out really well. Babe's not due until next month, so I haven't been able to try it out. I wondered if I should lanolize it?

To be "natural" and have lanolin in it, does wool have to be labled that way? I've also made some soakers with wool that's not superwash, but it's not labeled natural. I wondered if I should treat those with lanolin, too. Hmm. They were dyed - does that make a difference? One brand was Brown Sheep, I don't remember the other.
You will have to lanolize soakers made out of superwash wool. Might as well throw the other ones in at the same time. Were they rough? Generally, the lanolin will soften them quite a bit.

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