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What's with 7 mo nursing so much?

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She is *constantly * maybe the last couple days
begging all the time to nurse! Pulling my top and putting her mouth on my boob. Jumping up and down and a vocalized pant, if that makes sense. I thought maybe she was hungry and we've been informally doing solids every now and then. I gave her some yesterday and then today. She still begged today anyway. Its nerving me.

She's puling my boob and I guess she's pinching me. I got her nails thinking that was the culprit and she's still getting me. I find myself not wanting her to touch my breast. Im wondering if she might be biting me. She's working on teeth, not yet. But, she's done something that hurts! We EBFed for about 6 1/2 months until she grabbed some food and started eating it and I introduced her solids. My goal was to CLW; but, I'm starting to not feel mutual about this. I feel bad about the way I feel and if I would cut her off.
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Probably a growth spurt
My ds is 14 mo. and has gone through a few periods where he seems to nurse non-stop. It's usually for a few days (2 weeks at the most) and seems to accompany teething, illness, and lack of sleep here. Could possibly be a growth spurt too? Starting solids doesn't mean they won't want mama's milk when a growth spurt hits. A couple of times I've felt his teeth scraping against my nipple. He's not biting me, just scraping and when those new teeth come in, they're SHARP! I asked about it here recently and someone directed me to this site. I love kellymom!!

Hang in there mama. There are ups and downs with nursing, but IME many more ups.
Remember that there is soooo much going on in her little body right now--working on teeth, working on crawling and getting her body moving....that can make her want to nurse more, just to feel calm and good, if not actually to fill an empty tummy.

Honestly, it sounds to me that part of what is going on is that you are experiencing the transition from nursing a young, basically inactive baby to nursing an active little person! This can be a challenging time...just try to hang in there, you'll readjust, I think. Don't stress about CLW or what's going to happen in a year or even a month. Just get up in the morning and nurse your baby TODAY. Really, small as she is, your life would be much more difficult if you weren't nursing...unless I'm sorely mistaken, you'd lose one of the most important tools in your parenting toolbox.

If she's hurting you, it's not too early to help her learn not to. You could try popping her off and gently saying, "No biting, that hurts Mommy," and then stop nursing. I hold my dd's hands if she's getting grabby or scratchy--if I can't get comfortable, we stop nursing for a few minutes, and then I try a different position, or give her something to hold.

Hang in there. As your child grows and changes, your nursing relationship will evolve along with it. As someone who is nursing a 4 y.o., I have certainly had moments where I felt burned out and done with nursing...but it has always been possible to shift things so they feel okay again. You are giving your dd such a wonderful gift.

P.S. Sorry I missed you on Saturday.
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Pink (I didn't end up coming when I saw the time...I had to get dd bathed for church in the am. We went (I didn't go to WF b/c I didn't know when it closed to the VA Sun)


I'll hold those hands, which is what I just did and give her something to hold. And
that transition from my little sweet nb to my into EVERYTHING, pulling, and pinching infant!
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