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What's wrong?

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I'm not sure what's wrong or even if there IS anything wrong, so I thought I'd ask the wise mamas here!

DD is about 8 weeks old. She had problems initially w/slow weight gain (didn't suckle strongly and fell asleep quickly). She got EBM, a little formula, and many attempts at nursing. Finally, at 6 weeks, she "got" nursing and is now EBF and is gaining an ounce a day.

With her history, I can't remember exactly when her fussiness and/or restlessness started. At a certain point she DID sleep a lot but she also had jaundice then. At a certain point she fell asleep after being fed w/o fussing much. If I didn't know better, I'd think she STILL wasn't getting enough milk, but I count on the scale and diapers to reassure me that hopefully this isn't it.

Here's our day today:
9-11 a.m. Asleep
11- 1 p.m. Awake and moderately fussy but not so much (nursing on and off but alert/awake/calm, too)
1-3 Asleep
3 p.m.-9:50 p.m. AWAKE (becoming increasiningly fussy at 5:30, not really content unless nursing)
9:50-10:45 p.m. Asleep (in a sling T2T; I was propped up on the sofa)
10:45- now AWAKE

Throughout the night she nurses in bed and is still fussy. In the morning for several hours (from at least 7-9) she is fussy.

What I mean by fussy . . .
Not inconsolable-- will be OK with nursing
Congested/wheezy, esp. in the a.m.
No spitting up
Does not fall asleep after nursing, even after nursing for hours.

I don't think I have low supply. When I was pumping, I kept up with DD's needs (except when we initially DX the problem with her suck-- my supply had lowered so we gave her some FF when I couldn't pump enough).

What is this? Reflux? Food sensitivity? Colic? All of the above? What can I do?
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Sounds like maybe reflux (the wheezy noise...) Keep her upright after eating (and as much as possible while eating...) see if that helps...

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